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I don't think you're getting a bargain and you shouldn't if i'm kevin durant and this isn't going to cost us shaun livingston or we can't bring in trevor rees but i read that differently when i saw that the gm said hey whatever he wants it almost felt like they were saying hey you know you could take all the money but you could do right by the team if you wanted to it didn't i don't know i didn't read it like hey just tell us you want forty million a year and you get four years one hundred and sixty million dollars if there was a little bit of a subtle message there to say you don't have to be greedy and take it all even though kevin durant is earned that yes mclovin does it feel like a lot of people in that team kerr and gm are worried about kevin durant feelings he's curves talking about durant having a tough year why durant they don't seem to be worried about anybody else on the team i don't know i i'd be more concerned about steph curry's ankle or knee then i would kevin durant feelings i had another on that who's the most likely to leave for hooley i curry k d draymond or clay who's who's the guy they're gonna lose or are they going to be able to keep this group together like personality wise i don't know kampala jodi clay gonna want his own team draymond gonna want to break out getting into their psychology i don't know why you would if you're getting paid and unless you get to the point where you say you know i'm tired of being the bull's eye here and no matter what we do it's not going to be good enough or i'd like to get a little more credit and that that's where it starts to crack at the foundation kyrie irving could've stayed in cleveland james harden could've stayed in oklahoma city yes i think you're a hundred percent right the credit thing is going to be a big issue in the next couple of years if they keep playing this way and winning like this but they're all making pretty good money i feel like andrew brought this up before the show about you know how much is five million dollars worth to a guy that makes twenty million a year i.

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