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On medicine. We're still practicing. Join Dr Steven. Tae Back and Bill Kurtis for real conversations with the medical professionals who have their finger on the pulse of healthcare in the modern world available on all your favorite pod casting platforms produced by her CO media. We're back with Ed. Jane Bruce Bruce You said the primary number one responsibility is to cast your ballot knowing what the issues are and choosing representative on the basis that they are pursuing the right direction for the future. That is how you would describe that responsibility that we have as citizens you see. They're two different dimensions. We have the fundamental responsibility to train to educate people to be good citizens understanding and talking to the other side in your classrooms. Civics is no longer a central element in the curriculum Vinca tragedy. American history is no longer at the core of our education at the present time. We have the home schooling movement. Which makes it virtually impossible to have the child here. The other side's because their parents are you saying that a primary responsibility of the citizen is to educate each other or to insist that we ourselves get educated. The fundamental obligation of the older generation to the younger generation of citizens is to educate the younger generation to be citizens in the way that I'm describing then when these people grow up they have another fundamental obligation. Which is the ballot. You are saying that. A requirement is to educate ourselves on the issue and cast a ballot accordingly. That's right and everybody realizes that if they didn't they wouldn't show up at the polls at all. The minimal requirement of citizenship is to cast informed. Vote the second one is community service in the second world. War took the extraordinary form of the draft. One of the most significant things that has changed over the last fifty years is the nineteen seventy-three decision to eliminate the draft. And the question is whether there's another form of community service that is more appropriate in the twenty first century. It's those three requirements should educate the next generation for citizenship to cast an informed ballot and to recognize your debt to the community in a in a way that's meaningful and the twenty first century. Those are the three fundamental elements that we need to Reconstruct in a world where a journalism has fallen apart of where the public school system is in disarray. And where we don't have a a structure of recognizing in a constructive way how much we owe to being an American Bruce yesterday in our discussion. You were talking about You're feeling that there was a disintegration of the constitutional tradition. Tell us what you meant by that. Well the question is Do we already democracy. Are We Plutocracy on is our politics so dominated by big money that this fundamental right of the citizen to cast his ballot for a change or not. Change been profoundly undermined by the power of big money after all. We've just see Bloomberg. Spend a billion dollars of his own money and the courts have said you have a constitutional right to spend your own money so we have not only big money but we have the courts supporting the power big money. Is there anything we can do? Well there it's and a working with a congressman Ro Khanna K. H. A. N. N. A. A he and I have a work a statute which is now been he submitted to a four consideration by Congress what we argue forces every registered voter gets fifty democracy dollars to spend in presidential elections so each registered voter starts talking to his friends and neighbors. Who should I spend this line for gas for anything else? You're still making it a popularity contest. We're making it into an election. Each citizen is going to go to the polls and cast his ballot and now he has an effective way of changing the conversation. The only people who can get this money or people who say I'm not going to use my own. Pash NOT GONNA ask people for cash and only going to finance like have pain with democracy dollars was so that seems like a reasonable concept in the situation where you have to bring that to a body of people to vote on who are in power and those people are in power perhaps for the wrong reason maybe they got their money through special interests or otherwise. How do you convince them to actually vote in a new concept that makes their position weaker? Well you see you're simply believing. The status quo is invincible. Let's shake the green movement environmentalists. They do love this. They believe in grassroots participation all the Enviros would latch on so will people who think that the right to bear arms is really fundamental because they think that they will be finished by democracy dollars by their true believers but if they've chosen as many of them have done already not to participate in the public campaign finance system because it will limit their fundraising in other respects in other words. They've made the calculation. They think they can raise more without when I'm talking about is something that looks like big money compared to what was done before. Fifty dollars for American voter is after all seven billion dollars. I mean it would be substantial. No doubt but the question is that the people who are in power got there through being empowered with their own financing methods. And we're asking them to make a change based on the greater good in generally. We haven't seen a lot of politicians looking to make changes in for the greater good in these days. Well that's what happened in the nineteen sixties thirties with Ronald Reagan. You're just freezing. This moment of status quo as if it were eternal. If it is then American democracy dies totally agree and frankly I would like to see all forms of campaigning with advertising. Be ELIMINATED THE WAY. Cigarettes and tobacco has been eliminated. I don't think that they're not you want ignorant voters. No No I. What I want is a press that has obligations to do town halls and debates and and constructive education as you described before you cannot obligate media the there's freedom of speech in this country you used to be able to obligate media because they had licenses bestowed upon them by the FCC and they could obligate them to a lot of things. Sister died in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and what you now suddenly and I applaud you. Suddenly you're saying there's full. What we need is elections in which citizens common saying look. We're going down a disastrous course. The same course that is being pursued in Turkey in Japan in Brazil. We're going down the path to dictatorship. We cannot do that. This is not the America we had. Thank you Bruce. Well thank you very much. It's been a pleasure really Bruce Jane Ed. Thank you so much and we will come back to another time where we meet in the middle. I'm Bill Curtis. If you like what you hear please tell your friends and let us know how we're doing by leaving a comment. It really helps. If you give us a five star rating and we really appreciate it you can also subscribe to the show on Apple podcasts. Stitcher or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcast. This episode was produced and edited.

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