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You can't talk to us by phone you can text as well but we go to the phone calls for so that's the way to do it if you can eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five seven but that doesn't mean he that doesn't mean that the Consumer Reports magazine did a survey okay and they made a statement here see our members expect refrigerators they buy the last ten years on average according to our two thousand and eighteen survey and that lines up with the what most manufacturers tell us their fridges are built to last ten years last ten years and so keep that in mind when I'm talking about the maintenance of your refrigerator not twenty years not thirty nine forty ten years you need to do some maintenance to add some years to the life of that particular product your refrigerator so important to keeping things fresh and cool and let's go to the the hammer and see what's going on on the telephone let's go to a listener who's from try but in his car right now he's got a question about his stole this is Jim hello Jim thanks for calling and how may we help you well you know what I idea of I wish I were called earlier but I'm calling just so I can pass mother information I have an L. G. stoles and I was having a problem with with the heating up it it would it would come out but it wouldn't get up to temperature and so I went to my local appliance store and I said not to apply store but the repair store and store what makes you think there might be an and they said well probably the lower burner had burned out then I'd be in real technical I said whoa okay let's go ahead let's replace the via the ordered as we know we're in the suburbs and Democrat now so it took a day or two to get the little over five I was mechanical enough and I was able to replace that good I didn't really have that lasted about a week unfortunately and it start doing the same thing again so I went back to my same outlet and I asked him what made you think it is and he said well it's probably the thermostat and I said okay only so we went through the same drawing any orders came in at nine you probably know how much these items cost over a hundred Bucks apiece and so I once again I replace that plug it in and it did not work so I was frustrated I said now that you know I'm from an awful lot of money into something that was about ten years old I didn't think it was time for to to expire at the it's ten years old but apparently that particular stole room was not built for longevity so I went ahead I bought a new one now your yours mine not dilemma but here's what I would like to do occurs makes sense to you I have a lower burner in Mister Mister the other brand new I took them out before I before I took the sold to the curb would that make sense of what I was able to donate that back to my local guy would you think he would be able to pass that on and then give it to somebody who might be of in need of something like that or is it just Seoul remote an idea that you know the chances of somebody want to come by and get a lower burner in a service that would be worthwhile well let's put it this way if anybody's able to move those two parts it would be a service technician who works on that particular product that product by the way what was the name of the product that you purchased it was an LG and LG range made in Korea or China or Taiwan okay which has not got much life span and some serious problems with their brand new ATM I might add but what I mean what I'm curious about why would a service technician tell you to change the element in the bottom of oven and algae or any kind why would a service technician tell you to change that without checking the old one because all you need is an alternator checked the old one your hope that that's a good question to me in in twenty twenty hindsight it didn't make it doesn't make much sense today at the time it seemed right because of the way the the store was heating up yeah yeah exactly it it it acted is us it was that lower burner well I put it to you this way K. and I'm not trying to put myself above any other servicemen but I would never I would never have sold you a heating element for a stove without check in the old one first and then you could have bought it out might because I would have been sure that's the problem but apparently it wasn't a sure thing here yeah well you do what you want though those two elements those two components I think you know amongst the millions of people who have these stoves you might find it very rough to move them but it doesn't hurt to hang them on a hook inside the garage in case somebody **** ever yeah well here in LA just one step beyond that if if after I replace those two components there's only about one other thing that could go wrong and then there's the issue of the primary control panel which is probably half the expenses of the whole school that's all great thank goodness you didn't buy that so you're right the thanks for the phone call Jim very nice of you to join me so early in the morning and we hope you come back on the air with us okay we take your take care next on the line Joe is Richard from Clinton township with a question about his washer hello Richard thanks for calling in good morning to you Sir good morning Joe I have a ten year old girl world pool washing machine top loader yeah noon yeah I'm it's in the basement I'm never down there much so listen to it but the other day I got down the beach for spin cycle is done inside like it was getting pretty loud so the second what I put in an honest insight would sound a lot like a Bering's going is I'm assuming there must be pairings well not necessarily a day there's a couple between the motor and the transmission and that coupler is prone to failure day let's put it this way whirlpool has sold millions of copulation so it's a high failure component usually occurs because people tend to overload their washing machine which means there's a lesson there but that is not all that difficult to change the casing comes off of the machine the whole casing the front the top decide everything comes off in one S. emboli the trick is learning how to take that assembly off okay and if you're willing to do this takes you know idea you might have a thirty five minute job here okay but it's something that you can do the parts not expensive and you can change yourself rather than going out and buying a washing machine St of K. street systems are no Nick the casing is all one assembly in in in in I don't want to take fifteen minutes here to explain it all to you because the phone lines are always jam but I'm going to suggest you write this down okay repair clinic dot com all right their world headquarters is in canton on Michigan Avenue I got something like four million customers they have videos et cetera that you can go to shows you how to do it they're showing more questions sure the home protection plan you get all your eating you know you can get on your appliances your air conditioning and furnace and all that stuff what's a good one the good ones the best ones in my opinion are all through your utility DTE and consumers energy thank you for calling energy companies yeah you just call your utility which one you select okay and they've that plans are most likely basically all the same but they cover just what you want covered in your home but I'll tell you some when the furnace motor goes bad the guy said well at six seven hundred dollars to replace the fan motor in your furnace then you're not kicking yourself with your left heel you're kissing yourself on the cheek he is so smart but that's my opinion Richard and I'm very happy that you called in thanks for doing that and I don't I am I am I just wanted it if you have time I've heard of you go through a lot with your people that call yet about their furnace Bernard Bernard kicks on and kicks off and keeps recycling yeah in the Bernard portion the bird box for all the birds are yeah because I've clean this thing on mine about six times for originally guy come out and clean mine cost me like sixty five dollars right there's a little peril that goes in there a little I've heard you talk about how little steel pearl is about an eight inch yeah this is hamburger the sensor yeah it just looks like a one wire goes to it a quarter inch screw holes on that wire off onto the quarters group pull that Provo yeah and cleaning and cleaning yeah I've never heard you tell anybody that let's see I'm not a furnace expert ma'am I fact I just plain mine the other day yeah but listen I'm not a furnace expert yeah yeah but I hear people call and ask yeah well they throw these calls in once in awhile but I am not a furnace expert will nor will I pretend to be let's put it that way but I know what you're talking about I've done it myself okay yeah Richard thanks very the phone call very nice of you take care we'll take a little pause in the action here for a second okay hang on those phone numbers those phone calls because every one of you is invited.

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