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Armpits forget six months silver linings on mony Chesterton and that was a conversation with my producer Louisa lost summa in the chemotherapy waiting room of the cancer hospital I was midway through a year of various treatments for breast cancer I hadn't plans to turn my treatment into an episode of crowd science this is a show that on says you'll science questions and we've had this question in from Jill in Scotland I was thinking about why we call cancer cancer and held this could really be one single disease I've had friends and family who have been diagnosed with cancers as vadias ana's skin cancer bell cancer breast cancer there must be no point in history when people realize the scientists and doctors realized that these could be connected in the facts and the symptoms could all be one I created this term cancer still will say thanks to listen to don and others he sent a similar questions about cancer there's a lot on his own to Jill we need to look back thousands of years to ancient Egypt the earliest surviving diagnosis brother of blood friend of pulse father of the smelly jackal and it's used in a context you know seems like it's a descriptor of breast cancer more on the street to come as we try and find the point where doctors realized these were all one disease but I'm getting ahead of myself let's start at the top it's probably one of the most dreaded words in any language there are over a hundred diseases we call cancer Hodgkin's lymphoma melanoma bowel cancer leukemia so cancer but what really is cancer for non so I tend to resuscitate it the largest hospital in Copenhagen and more specifically to Julie camps a cancer research of the cancer does not have a conscience it's not evil it's not good it just exist in this world and it happens but how does it happen let's see things from a sales point of view imagine a cell in the long this still needs to divide to make two daughter cells in order to replace dead or damage still nearby the sun his divided thousand times before but this time something goes wrong instead of dividing the wind to exact sell copies it mutates the sounds of it science fiction it just means a mistake happens in the way the DNA.

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