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Thank you Anthony Lynn. Thanks for stepping off. Thanks for doing a solid and being a brother and being like you know what I could use. This guy I can do this he fits. Let's forget about all the other stuff in three years. He plays that system Chris I love this. Don't wait for the other guys to do it. Anthony Lynn you do it, you. Would you be the one who could possibly reap? The benefits tyrod Taylor Chris. We've seen his act. He's fine for a little while he doesn't turn the. Over but he's not going to get you where you go, and ultimately right, he's not. And that's no disrespect to tyrod Taylor. Capper Nick was amazing quarterback in this league for a couple of years a couple three years. He plays this style. He's not thirty two football years. He's twenty eight. His body hasn't been beat up and banged up with a last three and a half four years Chris. He's younger than his age. As far as football years go and I'm just glad to see. Anthony Lynn one of the few black coaches. I wrote this column. Chris put a shadow league when I was writing there couple years ago and that column was about Jim Call with the Lions and Mike. Tomlin with with the steelers, saying their FRAT brothers, we capture nick if anybody should vouch for him and bring 'em in. We're all you right, but you know what I'm saying like. They could do it. They they could do it and here's Anthony Lynn, not just like behind the scenes Chris or mumbling the people on the Mike, he standing up, talking on the Mike. Kapernick plays our system. He fits our system. And he admitted I haven't talked to him yet, but if he wants to play football, we're definitely interested in this guy. I loved it. Thank you Anthony Lynn. Okay I'm with you on that. I like it. But I. How is what you're saying? He's you know he's doing a brother solid. How is this though? Any different or better than what Pete Carroll did first of all a couple years ago when he said we didn't sign him because he's a starter, probably MP. Carols mind putting it out there to some other team. Look sign this guy he whether you want him as a starter, not he could still play. And then just a few last week. Herald goes out of his last week early last week. When he said I regret not signing him and I think he'd be an extraordinary option. This year if Russell ever went down, we just got our three quarterback so again. Probably in Carol's mine, saying and saying teams call me now. We still don't know if that's true. I'm not calling him a liar, but he. He may have made that up just again. put it out there in the ether that hey, Kapernick doesn't have the Kuti's. He's fine the sign somebody should go ahead and get him if you need him so i. that's my only thing I. I'm with whatever did I'm just I? Think you're you're losing me a little oil? And that is the brother stepping up. Because in that case, the White Guy p Curl stepped up. No. He didn't step up this house. Anthony lives are saying they're going to sign him he. Ax, know what he does..

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