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One five five nine two nine four nine four that is how you hop in here Tucker Bagley's behind the glass this is a way to get T. case player he was to go back and rewatch to things that went on here one I promise you that Joe Biden clip and then I forgot about as real play right now said you but it was only Jimmy Kimmel and if you notice every television show the show now just looks like a face time or Skype call that you do what your friend they did the the whole production value of television is completely dropped off and it mean it's understandable if no one you can't be in television studios with a whole crew social distancing this is all the right thing and and the important thing to do it did look funny though like these guys on a facetime call as this is a personal thing though it's a television show so Jimmy Kimmel had Joe Biden on and usually not gonna bring a Joe Biden what year for politicians on this show but I I just well you got to hear this because it was opening day yesterday so Jimmy Kimmel is rocking his Mets that Kimmel is that a big Mets fan and here's Joe Biden Mr Delaware you think Mr Phillies fan well I mean the here's Joan yes the Phillies at any explains why it was not ready for yet to say how do you have on the New York Mets is supposed to be opening day full all day well you know what this is not the way to win voters Mr why you aren't sure where to be able to sleep with my wife and I were really girl and I will always I'd be out of luck man that was as blunt as it gets it's well you know what he could have said that the way to get out keep might you be a my wife's good side make my wife happy like even if you inferred what he meant like make sure my wife's not mad at me what not be in the dog house you could use a million different phrases and we all would have gotten the connotation that choke put goodness I mean it makes you think that that is why it just opens her legs for anyone with a red hat I mean I I listen I I don't know but here's what I know Joe Biden Phillies fan and there's a there's there's only one reason why it is not the T. it's not it's not it's even also I I just thought that was funny yeah they don't want to throw out here right now I saw a story on CBSSports dot com and the premise is really interesting so we have we've had a conversation last couple months about the seventeenth game of the NFL schedule when they eventually put it in for the two thousand twenty one season what what it would look like how they beat out how they could do it and you know would it be a rotating thing who would you play well you know how do they make it fair because right now it's a very symmetrical even and fair schedule you play at a division every one here to replace the same division at a conference division that you put the team's inside are you finished first year in your division you play the first place schedule it's it's a very simple formula and we never have debates on on anywhere if NFL schedules are fair it's totally fair it's a formula so that that's not part of it but when they had a seventeen game that's when it starts to be possibly could become unfair because who you gonna play so we've heard some some ideas over the time Socreds idea of playing the the attic conference campaign like baseball's early play we play like the one natural rivalry said lazy graphic rival sites the Steelers and eagles play every year maybe it yeah we're in Penn state or something like that for the for it to be fun but there is an imbalance that because you just could be playing a good team every year meanwhile someone else it might let's just play it out this way if the eagles have played the Steelers every year and the giants have the put the jets Steelers historically good giants jets historically bad the giants historically bad too yes but under some of the fairness of the NFC sounds pretty fair to me dot net's two bad teams play each other have two good teams play each other okay how about this let's go to New England complete Tampa Bay that's not an option I gathered about the geography on that but they could but knowing that I don't have a geographic growth right so then there's this obstacles to your idea as much as as much a works for for Pennsylvania I don't think it works for everyone quite as well I promise you it does not try doing it well the C. put you pointed out yeah C. H. there's some logistical hurdles well the idea is not today actually made the most sense of all the ideas which was just to have the each team in the NFC play the team in the opposite copper so AFC percent FC and you play that team that finished in the same spot as you of the standings here before still do for example last year the ravens have the best record in the NFL so this year they would play the forty nine for the best record in the NFC best and I guess the first best initially it be fair and then the eagles in in this theoretical thing they put the Texans next year taxes the fourth seed in the AFC eagles for CDS I think I think that's the way to do it it seems so I I was thinking about for weeks like how they do it this just yeah I read I was like oh that's it that's that's the idea two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four all right we were talking earlier in the show about the athletes who we should go back and rewatch and I said if I go back and rewatch any careers over the years I want to go back and watch Reggie white because I missed young Reggie I I did get a chance to watch him as a young the dominant player I saw any love buddy Ryan's defense is that of a body now this is this is Reggie this is Reggie I'm not expecting to pick all buddy rice bars this is about right just wanna watch him play start to finish and then my favorite picture of all time Pedro Martinez I right watch a lot of him I mean I've watched many of his big starts but I want to see them all from start to finish Dodgers Expos the trade to the red Sox every page was started through the end here in Philadelphia those are mine so I would those two tech earlier is one one played a hundred years ago I replied del group and doctor Jack Dr J. so we went from the the step what is it called the nineteen eighteen late eighteen hundreds that America I mean the turn of the century yeah but we write we turned another century so it's weird to say that now because the turn of the century really was two thousand not my mind I think most people would probably say turn of the century was a hundred and twenty years ago excel most people their experience turn of the century that other one are no longer with us that's a good point they're they're gone I see what with him and Dr J. the three T. K. and here T. K. you go back and rewatch any career start to finish and then in the summer highlights like the whole thing who you go with what I thought about this Joe and I changed my mind from earlier I actually go back and take Muhammad Ali a great one you know just thinking about the fact that in Miley lifetime boxing has it really been that big a deal and hearing so much about it from that like great era in the seventies and eighties and normally I'm not beginning I can't go back and watch like old games and stuff just doesn't hold up but boxing is one of those things that I think could actually hold up going back watch and then you think about all the other stuff like away from the ring like that that the political stuff like he he he it is a sports talk radio existed in the sixties and seventies Momina leave like the number one subject in every city yeah absolutely I mean he's polar polarizing in every aspect yeah that's a great one Momina Lee and yes I I I wish heavyweight boxing was still a thing like I when I was younger I like boxing Friday nights on ESPN you see boxing that's when I first became aware to Max Kellerman was used to call those bouts like he I like boxing then over the years the sport is not as good and and I kind of thought about that I like that when Muhammad Ali I was so star Ford I ended UP of reading that fight a couple weeks ago that the Wilder very fight yeah it was for I mean pretty good it was a much different time when a guy could break looking other guy's blood and nobody really thought much of it and look at where we are five weeks later but you know you know that that is an extreme example but they're even just like day to day I think that used to be normal or no longer normal okay I go to open a door I'm like maybe I shouldn't touch the handle like it's just it's so weird what has happened in the span of of just a few weeks it we're we're living in a very strange type two one five five nine two ninety four I aver are coming up if you missed it earlier today how you Rossman on it with ANZ look it's all we're gonna bring that interview to you in full and they'll react everything how we had to say Jim Schwartz Doug Pederson Carson Wentz Alshon Jeffery the strategy it frees you why they have so many defensive players that did nothing on offense and how we kind of admitting that he'd be mis read the room when it came to how much his receivers would make all that coming up great spot Angela how we we bring that.

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