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Learn in the classroom, so our schools we want him open in the fall. Go on Twitter, the president criticized earlier guidance is being too impractical and expensive. Illinoisgovernor J. B. Pritzker is calling for a national mandate on masks, the Democratic governor, saying it might be the most important thing we could do to save lives. The Supreme Court is endorsing Trump administration changes in Obama care, letting employers opt out of offering birth control coverage on religious grounds. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. This decision is not the end of the story and you can be assured that legally we will fight this battle. More than 70,000 women could be affected by today's Supreme Court ruling. Jonasson Geo News Update. Good afternoon to you. The KGO news time is to 31 that's report is sponsored by mattress firm during the mattress firm. Fourth of July sale, Get a King bed for a Queen Price queen for a twin price at a free adjustable base with the purchase of 6 99 Governor Gavin Newsom responded to a question about the president's tweets regarding school openings today in California already has federal funding for schools Right now, we put together statutory language in our budget. That incentivizes the kind of learning that we think is more advantageous, which is in person learning, But we also provided flexibility in our statutory language in the approved budget by the way that includes $5 billion.

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