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Cutter or thanks very much joined downstairs by Alexander Kerr foot playing his first game since game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. I twenty minutes. How did you feel physically Alexander? Yeah. I mean, obviously, I haven't been in a game in a little bit. But I've been skating doing Mark off the ace. And so I feel feel like I'm in good shape. You know, the talking points coming into this one tonight was the power play for Montreal being ice cold were over twenty five state. And here they are with the power play goals. Same thing happened against lenders on Monday. What do you see the problem with the Avs penalty kill right now? I mean, I don't know. I I think the their power plays a little bit more dangerous than maybe you guys were giving them credit for. And I thought that PK did a pretty good job obviously code that second run off. And then the first one was just a point shot election. I mean, you can't stop everything on a PK and sometimes just to get one hundred percent right Alexander. It's great to have you back in the lineup and good luck tonight. Thank you at his Alexander curve foot for your Colorado Avalanche. They trail one nothing to the Montreal Canadians after twenty minutes of play Puerto we'll send it on back to you. All right, gentlemen. Thank you much before. We check out the scores. Let me update you on what the NHL standings, look like, I can't believe this. But we're just a couple of weeks away from the halfway point of the NHL season that that it blows my mind, but let's start over in the Eastern Conference leading the way in the east said they done most of the season is the Tampa Bay Lightning. They've played thirty. Five game. So six away from the halfway Mark. And they are sitting there with fifty four points. They're nine oh. And one in their last ten games in Tampa Bay has the most points in the league right now. They're looking pretty good for the presidents trophy. The Toronto Maple Leafs are second in the Atlantic with forty six and then Buffalo's still third with forty five in the metropolitan vision wash capital playing good. They're sitting there were forty three points. But they haven't played as many games as mostly washes little played thirty two games for some reason every other team in the NBA sitting around thirty four thirty five thirty six for a couple.

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