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We weren't real sure we could sign not very confident we were going to be able to we ended up moving him prior the draft and then we took that pick and packaged it with Thomson to move up in the Fourth Round Pick Kim new assigning a young finished. He'll he'll play this year in the Finnish League the Pro League and then we expect him over here next year now just an example of the teaming and we're these departments coming together so we do the draft Friday night in the first round obviously with Turcott caught and Tobias take those two players we go home and going into the draft to hockey operations and the amateur staff had identified Sammy emme Fatima was a player. They wanted to make sure they left the draft with. We knew he'd be around the fifty fifty to fifty five range but we didn't have picked that day at fifty and fifty five so we go back. Friday we contact Jeff and our analytic staff and we go over the curve the value analysis each pick and we come up with a scenario that can get us into that second round and fortunately it worked out that day we got Sammy Fag at fifty. We weren't confident we can get them at our sixty four th pick so there was an idea of of not only hockey offs but the amateur staff and the analytic coming together to formulate a plan to make sure that we came out of this draft with Sammy so here's just a quick look at some of our draft picks uh I know we go over this every season or the start of every year and everything but kind of what I wanNA show you the two thousand seventeen draft and gave the number one one guy and I know there's a ton of questions about him and the update I can give you right now is. He is progressing in his Rehab. He is not cleared escaped. He will not be at Camp but he's farther along in in his rehab progression than he has been probably in the last twelve months so <hes> you know we're we're confident he sticks to this and and and continues to get that. Rehab and we hope to have him on the ice but but what I wanted to show you was those seventeen draft. Every one of those guys are signed up for coal holds Kohl's in college. We fully expect to sign him after his junior year in Penn state this year so so you can see that there are sign but they're just turning pro now. They're just coming into organization so <hes> last year's draft three guys were signed with Qatari and Saudi autograph. Both of them will be over. They played over in Sweden and Finland respectively last year in the prologues. They'll be coming over making her pro debut with the Kings this year a Keel Thomas Thomas. We've signed him but he's going to go back to junior. Niagara and the H. L. He's actually just been named captain there so we're expecting good things but we're starting to sign some of these players. This year's draft obviously obviously. Turcott can't be signed. He's headed to Wisconsin where real real good path of development. They're real familiar and I think all of you guys with the coach Wisconsin Tony Granato. We understand. He's going to do a terrific job. Allowing in the short time he's going to have Alex he's GonNa he's GonNa turn him into the best product possibly can before it comes up here so aw that's why he's not signed but obviously with Bjorn Foot and and Sammy Fong who I talked about earlier we've signed them but the the reason we wanted to sign the most likely head back to Sweden and play in a pro league there for a year but we want them over here for training camp so they're going to be here for rookie camp next week and you'll see him into training camp so it it just shows that it does take some time but that's seventeen classes finally signed and they're finally an organization..

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