LSU, President Trump, Joe Aleve discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show


But you know, we, we're we're we don't know all the facts. And listen, I I completely understand LSU thing. LSU fans being mad. It does seem sometimes like the whole world is raining down on LSU. And in this case, you know. Putting your anger or displaying your anger toward Joe Aleve? The other night that was just frustration. Joe Lee is is upon and all this. He's the director. He's not the final decision maker in this. That's the president of the university. Joe legal onto fire less miles a couple years ago. President. Said slowdown all the fans are doing when other cheer. And let's go to rob in Maryland. How are you? Rob naturally to call. Good afternoon. All love the show. Thank him. I love your things on because it says that you always wanna make sense of things. That's why I call. Thank you. Listen, this thing with the admissions as the other standards that are going on in colleges today. The NC double A is not doing their job. Now, I am not a big believer in the NC double A. But the next step is the university's you said something again, and I listen every day to you before hours in and I learned something every day. And this is what you said today. Money is the issue. I'm from Maryland, I've been university of Maryland fan for number of years now when they move the ACC where they were competitive than almost every sport and went to. The big ten that was strictly a money move. Now to me money is the issue also. But there's two things that you haven't mentioned today that I'd like to talk a little bit about in. That is sponsors and boosters I keep hearing Adidas and the shoes, and I keep hearing about boosters and all these other things interfering in life. But my least Paul you've got to lay some of the blame on the parents with their buying a scholarship. It took me ten years to get my four year college degree because I work for everything that I got. And then when I went to the master's program, I had one class it cost me a thousand dollars. And because I was married had four children. I could not afford to do that. Now to me people like myself who went through college paid every penny back every. Scholarship. I got and things like that. And the most scholarship money ever got in school was a hundred dollars and just so, you know, I graduated Simpson my class soon. We'll come Lodhi these sponsors, and these particular boosters, they're involved just as deeply as anybody else. And if this is my bottom line to you, and I'd like to share your thoughts on it. If we don't see NC double A in these universities, not have these cover-ups lake with Penn State. You had the president go into prison. I think you had other members of the college hierarchy going and getting charged with crimes if if they don't do this. The government will step in the government will say that NC double A. You're just a. A figment of your own imagination. And then go from there. But listen, and I'd like to ask just one more small thing. I would love to have an autographed picture of you. Now. I have a lotta pictures on my wall sports figures that I've had all the graphs through. Rob. Let me jump in here. Quickly before we run out of time. I'm gonna put you on hold in. We'll figure out a way to to make that work. So don't go anywhere. A couple of hours to go on this Tuesday afternoon..

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