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Thank you for doing handwritten. That's the world. It's great sixty nine. Four sixty nine a day. I played a bookie and I cried every time I looked at and he finally came to me goes, why are you crime? Did you have a death? And I now you were the first guy saw when I came from Cuban TV Kitsap crimes, like really crazy. Craig speaks banned by watching really English, and he just became his son will work, and it's those little things. Even when you work for Adam a year later, he sends you like a blanket. I still got my longest year blanket, fuck, yeah, I take it to the beach all the time. I gotta guestbook tell for you here a little blanket. Yeah, yeah, giving my last night, it's crazy. How. Distinct came on called the one hundred dollar day movie, and people really took advantage of that and I'll never forget one night doing a pilot for after. A pilot Rafter was one hundred dollars day. I had two scenes, but I told him I'll do it, but I want cash because my drug dealer, what time is my call and what time of my getting that because my drug people closes. I have my money. I'll never forget going up there the first night. And they had nothing. It had nothing. What do you mean they had nothing apple. Okay. Does granola bars next night? I want Taj Mahal because the after guy was there. Told the guy go big difference tonight. He goes, what are you talking about? I go last night. This is a pizza shop pizza, and he he gave us car and he goes now on, you want any set and they're missing. I can. I started talking to the guy thinking he was Joe schmo. Yeah, tickle Kalaikan only goes here. Take my car. I work for after next time you want to send. There's no food call me FOX immediately. So I became the guy Whitey Bulger of service. Listen dog. This movie that the director just recently passed away. Good guy Oxy's got him whatever. Got them good, but I'll never forget. Like they told me when I got the movie that was over twenty one days straight. I'm cool with that. You know, and the first day, like, you know, you pay for your own once you got to go off the set and had just done Spiderman to where they give you lunch, but they gave you twenty five day and they really did give you lunch. Yeah, they really did give you an after the second Dag-o. Can I ask you that? And there was nothing guys quite like it started shooting on Thursday, Thursday and Friday sent this out direct and I go, you really want us driving around if you only have twenty one days to shoot this, and he goes, well, that's the budget that we had. So then we had to work Saturday and Sunday I came in Brown elimidate is on, I'm shooting some on the Sunday. I'm taking a man or woman away from our families. Sunday. I'm gonna make little special. Yeah, I'm gonna make it a little special when I usually do plus some, you know what I'm saying? And I'm gonna make it a short day. I'm gonna make this like three take a scene day. But yeah, it's Sunday while we fucking around on going there at this time I was married, quiet on sense. I was a comic and I didn't like how comics act on sets. They would try to steal the show to shut my mouth that there was no trailers. It was. And that names in this movie at the time. But the main guy being the father in the fighter, that's how I met him. Okay. He lives right around the corner, the father in the firing. Now he's on the fucking Broadway doing a play with. I just bumped into many got back from New York. He was in the movie and remember going, no disrespect. I've seen you on the show Dennis Leary what's going on here and he was from the Bronx and he fueled my anger. He was like, I know they don't have no fucking food. I've been in this business for twenty years. Nobody's ever sent me after lunch..

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