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Do you where those very nice all right we'll give me two other genuine compliments because it slam fest two thousand seventeen in which macular i go i can't sign moreno no no no i was gonna say embassies that every year but anyway slammed fast all right matt i'm sorry it so natural but see that you know me we do that but were all friends were give me other genuine compliments once a year and this is like resmed only one right make has met you who do you want to go in first i'll start with hugs okay i kind of did the i came up with a word that ethnic group describes everybody so for hugs i put driven i think the in this is going to sound like a bash but it's not a k i think hugs he has a few shortcomings um but he is very selfaware of those shortcomings and i think he is driven to try to overcome those or make up four in a different era jio so whatever it is that he does excel at he tries to do more of that or push that further and if there is something that he's not as good at a doesn't quite understand he has no problem asking questions to try to get better at that specific jeff skilling so driven by heart i agree has this driven jason yes passionate i have become more aware of this in helping you coach landen's baseball team your son land as baseball team yes that you are you may have not cared about baseball before he started playing but since use on land and has started playing you are extremely passionate about it in him and his success in the team success even if it's you know to the point where words scheming on how we can absolutely destroyed the table you extremely passionate about it anything you do in your professional life your.

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