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What's next college L Technologies advisor today at 877 Ask Del No delays on the Edens Yap on Kennedy a bit slow into Canfield in inbound 32 from O'Hare from the Edens 25 minutes Slow from North Avenue. Eisenhower. Just up and delays into Austin Stevenson looks good. Along with the Ryan eastbound. I 80 some weekend road work to look forward to. And Juliet from Larkin to Briggs. Also the entrance ramp from Chicago to Eastbourne. I 80 will be closed. Vandeveld BGN traffic Central, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's now recommending pregnant people to get a covert 19 vaccine director Dr Rochelle Wolinsky says new data shows they experience the same side effects as other people, and the CDC study followed 3900 pregnant people who received a vaccine. There are reported 3369 new confirmed and probable cases of covert 19 in Illinois. The seventh day positivity rate statewide is 3.6% after a long awaited increase in vaccine supply, all city Max vaccination sites will accept walking appointments that starts today. A man suspected in the fatal shooting of a seven year old girls expected to survive being shot several times by police officer Was trying to arrest him. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown says the officer shot the man several times in the arm on Thursday while he was trying to steal a car in the Eisenhower after crashing his own while fleeing. He's wanted in the killing of Jacqueline Adams, who was shot Sunday, sitting in her father's car at a McDonald's drive through on the West Side. WGN Sports. The Blackhawks hosts Nashville tonight pregame with Chris Boden said 6 30 the face off its seven with John Weidman and Troy Murray on 7 20, WGN and WGN radio dot com. In other sports. We have the Cubs hosting Milwaukee this afternoon at 1 20 at Wrigley Field. The White Sox host Texas Tonight at 7 10. The forecast from the Perma Seal Weather Center. Partly sunny this afternoon high near 60 50% chance for rain tonight. Going down to the mid forties could.

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