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One four seven nine, nine one six twenty let's go, to Franklin Jerry good morning right WTMJ good morning to you guys. Hager quick questions I really. Related to plumbing but. It's the roof of my home which is, approximately seven years old, apparently on, my house the north side of the street basically where the sun hits it and algae builds up on that and it was black. Wind, I tried, cleaners Clinton I don't wanna, get up on my home which is two story you know and try to rough any. Cleaners debt with you can spray on their let it soak in rents will take those black. Mines out well number one, it doesn't hurt anything boom urine to do anything with that that does not hurting Iraq as far as a. Cleaner joe-max j. o. m. a. x. they. Make a cleaner for siding for. Roofing and its advertise As you put, it, in a pump up type sprayer it's bleach and water mix you spray it on but. It sit for fifteen minutes and flush it off do your disclaimer Tom yeah but it's dangerous It's slippery algae, on a roof is a really bad thing so and then you're up there, with the tank and you're. Trying to ignore you, gotta work with get a nephew up there you gotta. Work from a, ladder? And, I see gesture Like a painting company would take care. Of that sort of pro would. Do that for you Okay well thanks for the tip yeah it doesn't look, good let's just put down I did try a bleep substance up there and use my hose and, I have an extension of the holes where I just put. The bleach down into the whole turn it on and sprayed it up there and left it so can acting really take care of it either The need a. Little stronger solution than that because that dilutes significantly this. Is like a. Gallon of bleach a gallon. Of water. And, some of this Joe max mixed up at a. Gal in it will work joe-max j. o. m. a. x. got it written down go picks them up more give it a shot think I appreciate it thanks for the call seven forty. One we're. Going to be back.

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