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The city avenue sadie lines line saint joe's basketball coach and local legend phil martelli good morning phil morning al how are you we're doing just fine after the fourth of july where everybody's back in the city we're ready to roll and we're already to roll because people in watching the sixers the summer league and this league is so big the the question i have is if you have a player that's struggling like foltz was is it better to play in a league a summer league or to go to coaching sky a shooting coach as he has i think this is a unease or al to be honest with you some of it is mechanical and a lot of it is mental so if ju hanlin who has a very very very good reputation as a teacher up basketball and shooting instructor if he can get between folsters ears and improves his his outlook as a shooter that's one thing but i do believe that you have to get reps in live competition shooting in an empty gym or visualization or that may not get it done sixers tried this years ago with evan turner and evan turner is still today not not classified as a as a shooter i also think that there's the the the psychology that goes into this as the number one pick having to play in the summer league could be a blow to this kid mentally and and now you have him out there not just playing but also being judged and that league is is as much as the nba has done to make this like a really really big deal as you can see by the crowds coverage and and i mean twenty four hours a day now on television it is just glorify pickup and you really can't take the numbers out of there and say okay this guy is this guy is you know legit player or not a legit player you can see already the pros and i mean the guy that's been in the league for year like josh hart from villanova's just tearing that thing up but he's a pro our own de'andre memory when he went back there after a rookie year where he was banged up they tear that lie they tear that up so this is an either or with false i don't know how much of it is mechanical but i do think the psychological has played in here the number one pick playing in the summer lake after his rookie year would have a look of you can almost get a a sense that now we're judging him is he a bust already and that that's just not fair at nineteen and after one year and that like have you seen guys obviously nineteen that's an age where you'd be in school to have you seen guys at in one year makes a big difference well makes a big difference certainly in college i mean everybody talks about the jump from from their freshman year to their sophomore year so now with false this would be really going into his junior year in college so you do anticipate a jump to me the challenge in the in the in the nba is you're playing a hundred nights year if you get into the playoffs in a little bit deeper into the plows and playing is different than practising and improving i don't pay close attention to that league night in and night out to say well well guys are really improving but i don't know how you can because you have to be practicing scouting reports this is the time this is a crucial time and to be honest with you and this is just a one man's thought seeing him sitting on the sideline watching them play the other night doesn't make sense to me agreed i'm assuming that at some point during that day he had a he had a you know a serious workout but vegas is still vegas and distractions in vegas from being in an empty jim in order to fix this i think it i really do think it has to be an empty jim he has to be in an empty jim and it's gotta be broken all the way down and then built all the way back up and.

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