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Best of the different cruise ships we've been on and i think it's because it's a less of geriatric crowd right they don't have to worry about fending people's with their flavors i mean you have most if eighty percent of your clientele are octogenarians and higher okay fine i understand you're going to go for the least common denominator of flavors and everything's gonna be bland this one was like all sorts of flavors and everything else the stewards of course we're indonesian and some of the bartender filipino so it's the same hierarchy and lot of europeans in that mid level that the the people who care for these kids eurropean no you know what no there was like brits germans exercise thing very interesting but it is the disney f o so that it is like it is disney it's a disney run operation on the ship and then disney operation on the island so i mean it was so impressive that just get everybody in and out and the only time that there was like a mad crowd would as always as you know is trying to get lunch the first day when everybody boards animals but the food was still good i was stuck behind a guy at the buffet who is getting one trip at a time with his tongue and he probably got it doesn't trip but was i could go to different stations but i said i was i said let me just see how long this jake's could you could you run through the buffet options for oh my gosh on a cruise like just sunny every meal is every meal at cabanas ondeck eleven is a buffet you can also do the formal dining room as you know jv soccer actually eric oppenheimer better than the buffet yes that's exactly right certainly on hold america that was the case okay what will the breakfast buffet for example had everything okay you know what i liked i started off with a cured meats and smoked fish that's how i like to start off my day i know not up your alley in i and i'll say oh a couple of slices of this these these salami or whatever and then smoked trout smote mark mackerel three or four different kinds of smoked salmon grab flex astronomy salmon and then and then just start for just just to get things going put what straw me sam it's just the way it's prepared and cured it's very flavorful scott locks that's the kind of thing i was the only one group that was doing this my dad too and then after that i to the means omelette bar and you know what they said here's a number will bring it to your table shouldn't it is a great innovate fast pass version far and i was willing i was so like okay i know how this works i'll wait no no no don't listen to customers oh my gosh it's everybody hates the line at the omelet bar yes that's the worst part and and so then i got bacon and sausage hash browns the kind that you like actual hashbrowns that you would find like mcdonald's kind of hanging deep fry yes the headcorn beef hash of that we're we're still on breakfast station food so i but the melon okay his lunches i had lunch on the island castaway cay is the island and it is disney on the island as well so it's a very well run operation i remember being so nonplussed and even disappointed when we went to the hall in america island in the caribbean crazy that's the best part of the cruise the beach part i'm talking about the food i was talking about food under while sorry to me it had the spicy crispy chicken sandwich i've ever had it was like so much heat in that and it was just amazing while we were on the well we'll get to the the five kane a bit i just wanna say the only time i ever felt bad smoothest sees ever may because it's only going twenty two non our we went even with under storm in the middle of the night but there was never any it was not like some of the cruises we've been on the rocking outside the cabin i mean but the the only bad they had a great gym so i would go to the gym and then my man tony who's from the philippines he made me this protein shake and maybe feel ill question yes jonathan how did our g do over.

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