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Playing all of the the military songs anthems. Because we are on our side. Unlike MSNBC, for example, they are not on our side, not by any stretch of the imagination or they let us go now to some audio if we could and we are going to get into the the Democrats and their inability to conduct an election. We have these Democrats in Florida a week later are still finding votes under beds and gutters, and in mailboxes, and oh, they're just accountant accountant, aren't they? And interestingly enough, they keep finding votes that are for their guys. And the news media thinks this is all perfectly kosher. No, this is fine. If were Republicans pulling this kind of stunt this kind of trick the news media would be pouring gasoline over their heads on the anchor set and lighting themselves on fire. For one more seat in the Senate feel very strongly about these things. Let's go to David Ignatius. What's his name? David news. Name is David Ignatius. David Ignatius of the Washington Post. He works for that skin headed rich guy. You know, the the one and his hired other people to work out for him. Now, he's all muscle bound. Dr evil is so David Ignatius. It is now again, do I really have to look up the word nationalist for any of these idiots for all of these idiots that the word nationalist, which which now, I guess, they're pretending. They don't understand or perhaps they really don't understand. But they don't know what nationalism is they're not capable of thinking for themselves. Nationalists were nationalism patriotic feeling comma principles, comma or efforts there it is. There's the definition of now. But that's that's evil. If America or the president United States says now, if Barack Obama has said that he's a nationalist. And he's not, of course, says now he was never on our side at all. And and he we played the audio a little earlier said that he believes in American exceptionalism the same way that the British believe in British exceptionalism, the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. Which is not what we're talking about. When it comes. He doesn't understand because he was raised by a communist mentor. Barack Obama was Frank Marshall Davis, and he spent his time with terrorists like William mirrors and Bernardine Dohrn who blow up American government buildings burn. The American flag. Stand on the American flag. Wiz on the American flag. And then hang out with Barack Obama who became president of the United States. And then he made John Brennan the CIA director because he's a communist to we voted for a communist for president. And nobody know media people have asked about you voted for a communist for Gus hall for president. For how long did you? Stay a communist. Are you still a communist? What is the matter? With you communist kidding me. I in. I still make fun of people that voted for Ross Perot. He. About for the libertarian candidate. Okay. Whatever about he voted. He voted for Gus hall, the communist party, the perennial communist party candidate for the president's United States, and Barack Obama made him the CIA director that shouldn't be disqualifying. Unless you're an American or something, I let's go to Ignatius David Ignatius this morning, they're all on mccrone side because Macron has anti-trump and their anti Trump and any port in a storm or my enemy's enemy is my friend. They're not on our side. They're anti Trump. And unless you're with them, they're anti you. Right designations this morning with the pigeon sisters on DNC TV I thought it was really significant that Macron behalf of Europe was speaking of an American president saying, not your selfishness, not your your country. I the heck with everybody else. There was never any to heck with anybody else. You guys you. You're you're living is supposed to be made using words. You should use your words. Are you talk to three year old? Use your words. What is nationalist mean? Don't make stuff up well, white nationalist. Well, well, Hitler said national. No, he said, national socialists is what I said there's an enough of our selfishness. What selfishness is that that we've asked for a better trade balance between ourselves and our alleged allies that are alleged allies ought to pay into NATO what they have agreed to pay into NATO. And instead they're not paying what they agreed to pay in. And we're picking up the slack. We're twenty trillion dollars in debt, we pay high taxes, and it's because we're funding the defense of France for yet another decade for yet another generation, and you. Suggest that we are selfish that we who have gone twenty trillion dollars into debt defending western Europe against the socialist that they're that they embrace the national the USSR, and and we we are selfish where where is it that we're selfish again ignorant and I'm sorry Francis. Half of Europe. He started out by saying that macaroni speaks for half of Europe. Really who speaks for the other half Germany because they've spoken for Europe quite loudly a time or two. Got my grandfather off the farm got my father out of the Bronx had to go over and straighten out a couple of little hiccups that Europe was having with the Germans, I guess we were being selfish. I guess we're being selfish when we men the Fulda gap with our tanks when we built an arsenal of ballistic missiles with nuclear weapons, costing us trillions. I guess we were just being selfish. That's that's us. That's the book on us. Good old selfish USA, whereas France, oh, there are so brave and selfless. Look at them. They're willing to get out of our way when we landed at Normandy. So we could go fight. The Germans for them selflessness. Abounds I watch a lot of war movies over the weekend. Turner classic movies. A lot of lot of war movie sound over the over the weekend. Andrea Mitchell, she's a democrat, and she's very very rich. And her husband is Alan Greenspan. No, he's still he's still with us. And and they want one night. I was in Washington DC and over in the rich neighborhood. I I wasn't there. But I was high on a hill, and you can see over the city massive fireworks display. What I've looked like the fourth of July. I mean, you j- with teacups and stars like serious, professional fireworks. I learned a couple of days later that it was Andrea Mitchell putting on a fireworks display for her husband's birthday. At their estate on their rolling lawns. So just you know, among the regular people. You know, these media people, they're not is coast, elitists or anything like that. They're regular people just like you and me except flying on private jets and having massive fireworks. Displays in their backyards for their spouses birthday. Andrea Mitchell was very upset this morning because President Trump sent out a tweet and his brushing back now, see if there's anything wrong in this tweets if there's any that the president got wrong in this tweet. And then Andrea Mitchell attacks the president for the tweet because she's on Francis side yesterday. She was on North Korea side the day before that on Iran's side. And really what she is. She's on the democrat side, she's an activist for the democrat party. Andrea Mitchell this morning with the pigeon sisters on morning joke. He just feed it just returned from France where much was accomplished in my meetings with world leaders never easy bringing up. The fact that the US must be treated fairly which it hasn't done both military and trade we pay for. Large-capitalized pushes of other countries military protection. So there you go. There's more whining there. So there you go. There's more every syllable of that was one hundred percent true. President Trump is there representing the American tax payers, and he has been trying to inform western Europe, our allies NATO members in no uncertain terms. That the free ride is over the free lunch has done. You guys said you're gonna pay two percent. We're paying three point seven percent of our massive giant GDP? They've got these puny little French boutique kind of bag shop GDP's and they refuse to pay two percent. And then the liberals here say, oh, they have such generous social welfare programs and France was because we're keeping the Soviet bear and the Nazis off of their necks. And you know, we're we're very very generous people. But this other you go he's whining whining now. He's representing me. I'm a taxpayer, and he's representing me and my interests. I know that you're not just. Returned from France where much was accomplished in my meetings with world leaders never is he bringing up the fact that the US must be treated fairly, which it hasn't all of that is true honor percent of that is true. On both military and trade we pay for large portions of other countries military protection. What's what what is incorrect about that? And that's him whining. No. He's representing my interests. But NBC and Andrea Michler not Mike barnicle is very severely brain damaged. He is is not nice to make fun of the brain damage, but I'll make an exception in the case of Mike barnicle. He's convicted plagiarist who is a disgraced former journalists, which is why he found a comfortable home NBC news because it's the island of misfit toys when it comes to journalism, and Mike barnicle is just such an example this morning. This is there was a moment. The world leaders participants in World War One were there and Putin was there. Now, the world leaders are standing up in a row on a little stand. And Putin step down off the stand made a couple of steps over went over to Trump to reach out and shake his hand. President Trump briefly glanced at Putin dead sort of like a half smile like you do with the, you know, somebody at the checkout counter or something and and a quick handshake quick. And that's all there was to right now. Here's how NBC news and Mike barnicle the convicted plagiarised disgraced former journalists characterized this brief shining moment and Paris over the weekend this weekend. We also saw the president of the United States in the moment that he seemed only come only moment was when he aligned himself by a handshake and a smile with Putin completely. Lie just an outrageous scurrilous Soviet propaganda style lot. He works for Pravda. Well, which is what is now and listen to this. And here's the real danger to Europe is Trump. These people are wretched paranoids, their mental cases and Mike barnicle is barely smart enough to be a mental case. But he may be he may be there. The real menace to Europe is apparently an alliance that he's just imagined in his damaged little brain an alliance between Trump and Putin that endangers Europe. This is literally what they're saying on MSNBC. No wonder James Hodgkinson came out and shot everybody that day. So what is your assessment of the threat that these to join together pose to an alliance NATO that has kept the peace since we left Europe in World War Two since the Berlin airlift, what's your sense of the disruption, the potential disruption that these two men cause for this alliance? That's right there there. I mean, we're the head of netter we'd put all the money into NATO, not the French. But listen to what they've pedal. This is what they pedal, I'm surprised. They don't have an army of James Hodgkinson's on the street every day. Fred kemp. He is the expert. They went to he's with a group that. MSNBC looks up when they want to have guests come on to say ridiculous things. And that's what they did here with Fred campy, populism and nationalism isn't a pretty thing in the United States. It's an existential threat to Europe. That's right. That's it's not it's not a pretty thing in the United States. But it's an existential threat to your it's not a pretty thing because we shouldn't be on our side. We must not be on our side. I have the. These people I want to get a couple of these in Michael let's go to where do we start with with Donny douche? Oh, well, you know what I wanna do? Let's do. Let's do the montage get some of the other audio a little bit later. Let's go to sound byte number twenty four the montage credit. This is just from one hour or two hours this morning on DNC TV from two hours this morning on morning joke. This is this is the journalism. That they practice there on morning joke. This is the the the action of a tyrant..

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