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Police brutality? Are you crazy? But it's sold. So many records has so many streams on Spotify. Why hasn't it changed the world? And I think there's this weird like responsibility people put around a cult of personality where they're like. Well, this person they have so many followers on Instagram or Twitter. They should be able to they should be able to solve Mahinda. And it's like, I don't get it. And there's whole articles like as that's what I understand like you. Maybe you understand that side of new so much. Why are these huge think pieces on the power of or the powerlessness of of? That's interesting. I don't know why I take your point on that. Like why why are there like wiser some this commentary? I think two things one is that I think people are very hungry for there to be some institution that can solve this. I think part of what you're getting. There is a feeling that shouldn't someone be in charge like shouldn't someone right? Like if it's not going to be the president like the media like the comedians like shouldn't someone be able to take situation. I love John Laney's thing that it's like a horse loose in a hospital like that's the political situation. Like someone be able to get the horse out of the hospital. And so I'm not sure if they I think that that is like the psychological context in which stuff is being written. Yeah. There's this constant feeling of like somebody should be. There should be some adult. We can call and it's not any one comedian. But then the other thing I would say is that I think we are powerful. But we're powerful in strange ways. Right. I think that this world of comedy and in a separate media. I think it is very powerful, and constructing culture among the people it does affect so, you know, I don't think that the daily show was like huge among the, you know, what ended up being Trump space. But I think that Stewart's kind of ironic satiric, you know, that kind of the rallies or basically like for sanity, I think that they had something to do with Obama. You know, like, I think that kind of like that the Democratic Party went towards a cool. Very smart, very, intellectual. It's not all the recent. Right. But I do think too often what people want from the media or what people want from comedians entertainers or anybody with the following is to affect the people that don't follow them, which doesn't work. But I think that they do have a lot of responsibility for how they inform or affect or speak with the people who do follow them. And so like, and that is a kind of power I like that take its power in strange or. Answer Larry ways, you may. Or may not see that's cool that works for me. But I think there's a lot of like someone is looking for a parent here to just tell them everything will be okay. Or to be like, I love it. You know? And I'm like, I just I just can't believe that like there are in tire think pieces devoted to this in huge reputable news outlets being like, why isn't this working, and that makes me really befuddled, and I think that also really really really really messes with the way. Again to go back to what we talked about at the beginning of the conversation. Like the way comedians are being criticized it's like can the level of critique match the level of power someone has here. Yeah. And I take I tell me if I'm wrong, something, you're I think getting it. Here's a there seems to be an outsized focused on comedians right now on the culture that something is being asked of comedians and something being read into comedy that I don't like was true in like, quote, unquote, though, conversation ten or twenty years ago, totally. And I think there's this acceptance like I've always seen a close kinship with musicians. And I think musicians have always liked comedy, right? There is a musicality to it. And I really do feel that way and storytelling intonation act outs tone. Like, you can make a joke, by the way, you raise your eyebrow. It's just there's jazz like intangible element to it..

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