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This has been clear and vivid. At least I hope show my thanks to the sponsors of this episode all the income from the ADS. You hear Shandra for Communicating Science Stony Brook University. Just by listening listening to this podcast. You're contributing to the better communication of science. So thank you for more information about the all the center. Please visit all the center dot dot Org. Lisa Calton ager is the director of the Carl Sagan instituted Cornell where she explores new world orbiting other stars hand and she's also a leading expert in modeling potentially habitable worlds because of a research in her impact on space exploration. Dr Calton Egger may be the first. I guess on clear and vivid to have an asteroid named after. So if you're searching the skies tonight look for asteroid Calton eggers seven seven three four. Some of you might also recognize her from her Max. Three D movie research for life in space. The first book are we alone in the universe has been published in German German and Italian for more information about Lisa Calton Egger and her work. You can visit the Carl Sagan Institute online at Carl Sagan Institute shoot dot. Org episode was edited and produced by our executive producer. Graham shed with help from our executive producer Sarah Chase and and our associate producer. Jean Shaheen are sound engineers Dan Zoom Tech Guru is Alison Causton. And our publicist era. Help uh-huh you can subscribe to our pipe. Cash for free at Apple PODCASTS. Stitcher or wherever you listen and don't forget you can always say Alexa Alexa. Play clear and vivid on Apple podcasts. More details about clear and vivid and to sign up for my newsletter. Please visit Alamo of DOT com. Yeah you can also find us on facebook instagram and linked in at clear and vivid. And I'm on twitter at Alan. Thanks for listening bye bye..

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