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They should think twice before joining them on the force. We've changed some of the officers voices in this story to protect their identity. Would you tell someone to be a police officer right now? No, This is not a good time for policing. I don't. I don't know if he'll ever get anybody, but now I wouldn't not every officer feels like it's time to leave Policing. But an officer from a local department who asked we withhold his name to protect his identity, says there's no doubt increasing anti police sentiment in the last year has made his job more difficult with the community had your back. We're now there's just no more blood. But it really just comes down to who supports you. When you don't have support. It's bad. I would tell people if you're going to go into policing. Be realistic about what your expectations are. I understand that some people are going to hate you just because you're wearing that uniform and have that badge. An officer with Fairfax County Police who will refer to his Dave says during the height of the Black lives matter, movement and social unrest following the killing of George Floyd. It was difficult not to take the anti police chance personally, It's hard to get people to have Stop for a minute and say, Hey, that's right. I have not had a bad experience with the police officer. Everything I've experienced I've just seen on YouTube. Angelo Consoli with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge. 89, representing Prince George's County officers says many who are eligible are retiring and no one is coming up to replace them. The recruitment and the amount of the class sizes have gone down, and I think until things improve, we're not going to see too much of a change in that in Fairfax County, Dave says its officers with only a few years on the job, who are leaving Some are transferring their skills to other departments. The next fire academy was made up mostly of former police who are just doing a lateral over there. Well, their experiences very each officer says Their job is becoming a lot more difficult than it used to be. Do you wish you were doing sales? The only thing that gets me tomorrow is the fact that I'm just one day closer to her time. Find the entire policing through change. Syriza Online. The w t o p dot.

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