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Donald Trump, Todd, Dennis Rodman discussed on The John McCulloch Show


Well trump yes donald trump you know what todd i'm laughing because i'm sitting here thinking of the lynch pin of the future of the safety of the globe may well hinge on whether or not dennis rodman can be the conciliator between donald trump and kim jong un really not in my wife mayors durham qingcheng kid he's a pistons fan you know and what are the way you know teams working you know god works in mysterious ways right god does work and sometimes what god does is a mystery to us but dennis rodman really well like i said you know they got that one thing in common they're buddies arrived man and he's there nobody's talking about it except michael savage well let's hope that for the purposes of these negotiations that dennis rodman figures less prominently in the equation then then necessary let's just leave it at that i appreciate it thanks very much michael savage machinations notwithstanding out to link listening to the program in ontario link as a canadian citizen what do you think of all the the disputing going on between mr trudeau and mr trump first of all daryl thanks for taking my call i can tell you from my perspective that mr trudeau does not speak for canadians he doesn't even support canadians the way he's been pillaging our country if you if you would say you know i don't necessarily i don't agree at all with tariffs and those kinds of things but i do understand from the perspective in watching mr trump in his negotiating capabilities that i understand where he's coming from from the sense that yeah we've been taking advantage of and and president trump says hey listen if i was in that position i would take advantage of it to unfortunately our leader if you will doesn't wanna come to the table and i think we've got some thinking to do because we need the states and you know contrary to what some other people say the states needs us to have a great deal of trade the second largest trading partner other states have yes inter inter national trade business ship through a business partnership through you know automotive lumber agriculture a myriad of.

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Donald Trump, Todd, Dennis Rodman discussed on The John McCulloch Show

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