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Vaccines. The proposal would have required all employees and district buildings, including teachers to receive at least one dose of the vaccine by August, 17th in order to be eligible. For work this fall. The board may revisit the issue later this summer. Cincinnati's top cop is deciding to call it a career. He took over as Cincinnati police chief with support from the rank and file in 2015 after the city had an ugly break up the year before, with previous chief Jeffrey Blackwell and then city manager Harry Black. Now, he says he'll be retiring sometime in the first part of next year. Police chief Eliot Isaac put out a statement on Monday afternoon. He was first hired by CPD Back in 1988. A specific retirement date has not yet been announced, nor have any plans by city leaders on the process of hiring a new top cop. I'm Jack Crumley. NewsRadio 700 WLW Police in Brown County are investigating the discovery of a body left in Fayetteville victim is a woman who was found wrapped in plastic off of Evans Road. Police believe that she was killed about 10 days ago at her home in Miami Township. Body later dumped in Fayetteville. Her name has not been released. A man was rushed to the hospital last night after a fight broke out inside of David Busters in Springdale, 10 to 15 people involved in the altercation that later spilled out into the parking lot. It ended when a 37 year old man was shot in the back. No word on his condition or on any arrests being made. If you can help call crime stoppers at 35 to 30 40. Nick Castellanos drove in seven runs last night, including a big Go ahead Grand Slam in the seventh one from police line Drive left center Field. Herrera on the run ain't going to get it. Nobody's going to get it that is a grand slam for Nick Castano's 64 Reds as Castano's rounds, the bases fist.

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