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This it's off philosophy the idea of identity politics which carries two great axioms that I can only communicate with you if you're the same his I am and if your teaching me particular I can't be taught by you if you're not on my drive but education is actually to receive it from everybody else and take you yourself and the second thing is some divisions of identity Bali that the story on NBC Identity Politics Gender Politics that's roared into society they have people have to dinner tables North America are afraid to bring new subjects up more than half and we're being ruled by them yeah well it doesn't take it doesn't take a very large determined by not to shut down a large and silent majority that's unfortunately the rule and the identity politics issue it's a reversion to tribalism and you know so it's the miracle actually the surprise isn't actually that it's backed up surprises that it ever went away and we took the fact that it went away for granted and and we forgot the reasons went away we forgot the axioms right we we started to lose faith in them let's say and that's partly what I've been trying to fight against into right about why those were those rules were necessary and and I what they meant it is is part of your project the various words I'm using here is part of your project condom restoration or a reminder that certain certain markers are fundamental and cannot be moved well that is that is the project I mean when I wrote my first book took me about fifteen years to write and I spent really I spent all my time except when is writing scientific papers and when I was socializing which I did a fair bit of thinking about that book I mean it was really obsessive thinking chronic from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed less I was engaged in some other activity that would shut down my mind I was trying to understand whether the were was what a foundation of stone underneath the presumption of Western civilization or it was really a postmodern maps of meeting didn't understand because at the time being unfamiliar with that Lexicon let's say there was the terrible war raging and you know it wasn't obvious that it wasn't merely a matter of opinion you can make that case that well here's your set of Marxist precept position it sounded incredibly attractive and which still do to some you know from each according to his ability to each according to his need no one likes to see people with needs unfulfilled the problem is that needs multiply without end and ability is limited but you know you have to start thinking about the world harsh sophisticated way too she noticed that flaw I wanted to analyze that system and and the Nazi system to a lesser degree but but also that the western systems see if there is something the bottom that was rocked like wasn't merely arbitrary and I believe that what I discovered let's say I thought through was that we got some things in the West fundamentally correct and and their their correct for biological reasons which is very important because we'd be alone round very long time biological reasons are very fundamental but also that that biology reflect some underlying metaphysics says well we don't understand because they understand anything about the fundamental nature of the world it'll be on us so why yes the whys and the wherefores for that matter purpose all of that the fact that people have religious experiences and and they're they're easily do people and they seem to be consistent across the sideways at least to some degree and and what I decided then 'cause we because I was trying to understand why the world divided itself up into armed camps that were hell bent on mutual destruction right mutual assured destruction right the terrible acronym which was you know an insane satanic joke and why was so important for us to defend our tribal positions in that manner and what if anything could be done about it like it here's here's the solution we have this terrible tribal warfare it's characteristic of our species and it's accelerated to a degree that's not sustainable what do we do about it and the answer that came to me as a consequence of what I studied was that we try to make ourselves better people it's should Detroit is the elevation of the individual gop that right the individual is yes that begins the entire reaction yes why the identity politics makes individual a simple avatar of the collective right and everything that attached to him as always extra and not essential yes and and use your strip personality and we're adding up groups and trying to administer justice via collectively it's a team it's terrible it's it's it's so danger and I heard you on this why do we seek to perpetrate some sort of justice over generations the worst things in in all of history that you would make dishonored daughter carried a simpler for parents and now it's your stinging reparations again yeah all the ideas that we thought had been completely wiped out leader enlightenment or just simple logic itself they're back yeah why are we so easing the yielding to this I mean the patterns of crackers in language and people kind and things of that order it's an absurd all I think some of it is is the desire to escape from individual responsibility no if you can dissolve yourself into collective and and and then then the impetus isn't on you to act as forthrightly as as would otherwise be necessarily the case so there's that then there's the the the undeniable attraction of having someone to blame for the miseries of your existence which which are likely manifold so the comfort of saying I can start a small war with one another and we play games with each of these blocks Wanna be society what country but if you collective politics I mean the real politics into the subcategories gender sex ethnic religion and each of these is now claiming right only as elective everything else falls apart and loaded again back to the universities if there's one place it can reset balances it starts with mine it starts with the younger mind that will leave met with a more mature mind and taught the ways of the mine outta mind works would you should read how you form judgments how you contrast over great lengths of time not the in tomorrow five hundred years ago if you train the minds and is a balance and there's an opportunity to see the world as it really is and you have to believe in the mind in order to keep those back to exactly what we were discussing is that you know one of the things I pointed out to my audience is is that there isn't the debate about who should speak on campuses there's a debate about whether free speech exists that's a whole different debate I noticed people don't understand the difference in the severity of those two debates like if I don't want you to talk I still might believe that people can talk yes it can exchange opinions and they can change each other's minds and even if they're different the argument that's being put forward on the campuses to stop people from speaking is that there is no such thing as free speech all there is the exchange of I the ideas of avatars who are possessed by the group actually the logical consequence of that is to refuse to let them to speak speak because why should you allow the a group that you're in direct confrontation actually to to have its voice and so it's it's the collectivists the identity politics types it's they the very idea of individuality that they're opposed to that they've dispensed with and and that goes back to their to the French terrible the terrible the despicable French intellectuals who in my responsible for leading this revolution and it got picked up always the the most obnoxious and useless ideas useless in the sense of their of their of their intrinsic logic finding easiest walked onto campus it's the most trendy institution in the world yeah well and it came through the it came through welcomes the Yale in English department yeah that's where that's where that the the French continental ideas made their entrance into North America in all your speeches I know much get small Pete into politics politics that's the world we're in you'll get much chance because obviously no longer tolerate you around it would last you get much chance to expand on the beauties of the culture poetry music and things of this nature the other side of the academic The things that somehow they sing to the humans do I mean that's one of the reasons that that I was so motivated to continue the lectures because we actually put together a sequence of tours what we didn't plan one hundred and sixty one goal I mean it sort of unfolded on Human Bonna lift yeah yeah well it unfold across time because they were so popular the popularity didn't seem to be waning and but it was an opportunity to put forward the case for all the wonderful things that we've done I mean and to express gratitude and amazement at the fact did you know arc fact our city this city Toronto city works is for me it's an I think this is partly because sensitized so much to to the Task Fay's of existence in the collective and the personal sense is that when I go outside and everything works and there's all these people have different colors and creeds and religions walking down the street and so peaceful lights go on regularly and the power is always working and everything technological is one hundred percent reliable and there's no riots in the street and the probability you're going to meet with an untimely and painful death at the hands of someone else's almost nil and that we live for such a long time all of this me is complete it's a complete miracle truly is and I remind people of the unlikelihood of that constantly in the lectures and ask them to be great full for the fact that you think you look one hundred years ago nine thousand here's right the Russian revolution the first World War the Spanish influenza just absolut bloody hellish catastrophe one after the other conception of Nazism was brewing then to break right right right right the scenes ed next there were asked to free we're already at were they were and also of course the same thing with the Russian revolution which was bloody enough to begin with but which certainly accelerated in its brutality as it expanded and you know we don't have any of that at the moment it's actually the all this more peaceful than it's ever been there's no wars in the western hemisphere that's the first time since the coming of Columbus that the entire Western Hemisphere is the of of conflict I see frequently on your various sites that you do list up and that's that's another great counter the the environmental crowd and I don't take as being pure either some of them are obviously most of them are not they're they're always having a spectacular at the high table a catastrophe Louis ended the more this is the worst that ever be destroying the planet you pointed out very frequently certain of the technology is certain of the advances of the civilization that people over they put them into new situations they have relieved more suffering in some cases not maybe not more than we have caused but it's a different century should be grateful for things graduate is in short supply yes sudden and it's it's it's it's completely absent among the collectivists in people who play identity politics there's no gratitude at all and that's a and it's so interesting it's so interesting to me to see that because let's say the professors lead those movements they are the most protected people who've ever landed there and it's like they're standing on a hill in around the wall and it's for away and around the wall it's four feet away in another wallet another wall is just sequential walls and this edge of the sequential walls is a huge army and it's power and and all of that protects the absolute and they say everything is corrupt right and and the proper response although criticism is necessary obviously criticism means well this is wrong and this is how we could fix it it doesn't mean tear everything down leave with nothing and that's certainly that certainly happens to people in universities now they they come in barely formed believe they leave they leave in tatters you know and and that's that's it's also go back to you refer trump comes in and more power to them for that matter you he is talking investing and that's another absolute heresy he's not because one of the reasons that the people who hate the Democrats in the United States truly hate right there there's just vitriol because they've proved themselves in Cape full of generating a candidate who can actually take on trump and I think there's a disappointment even among the enemies of the Democrats that so profound that it generates precisely vitriol it's like the man is is is is characterized by manifold flaws and I'm not saying this in status a viable alternative I mean my poor friend who I said this has been following this and it's been deeply involved in the debates he's just he's just tearing out his hair watching degenerate should well exactly issue it's so sad you have a new age the people in the street the guy who called me about you that's a class and its vast class yes it is that's the great fifty percent yep Parker being insulting yes.

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