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Guesting live from the annex wealth management studios this is wtmj milwaukee happy new year from wtmj a w k d i hd 2 bell walkie malaysia costa rica all twelve people including ten american passengers were killed when the engine turboprop went down in a wooded area in costa rica's northwest costa rican officials say the plane owned by nature air took off from putin easily to heading for the capital san jose when it crashed around twelve fifteen local time costa rica's former president laura chinchilla tweeting that her cousin one manuel retana was the pilot abc's marci gonzales 5 of those killed were a couple and their three kids from new york city suburb authorities in douglas county colorado outside denver identified the gunman who ambushed sheriff's deputies as matthew real who posted youtube branch against the sheriff's department sheriff tony spirlea his deputies were investigating a reported domestic disturbance wednesday they were there they were met with the gunfire from the suspect authorities say real unleashed a barrage of one hundred shots hitting five deputies killing one the others hospitalized as our two civilians real also dead at a new year from kim jongun wound care call now cutters in his new year's day address the north korean leader declared his humphrey has achieved the historic feat of completing his nuclear forces he has a nuclear button on his desk in the us should be aware of pyongyang's nuclear forces are a reality none of france nest in new york city andrea came all the way from peru to be with the estimated one million people packed into time swear for the new year's eve celebration the determined merrymakers braving temperatures in the mid teens andrea says he's never experienced anything like this well i celsius which is fifty three degrees fahrenheit or forecast temperature of 11 at midnight here could tie the coldest new year's eve since 1962 you're listening to abc news when you're noses the functioning properly you forced to breathe your mouth and i know you know how that makes you feel your mouth is continually dry exercises much more difficult and you just don't sleep as well as.

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