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Jerry Lewis v. Wave seditious Kurt Kobe, also Amy wine-house, Johnny cash and more disgrace them rock and roll true crime podcast stories about -sition getting away with murder behaving. Very badly is available now posted by me. Jake Brennan, you can listen to disgrace of the iheartradio app. Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. We're back by the bastards podcast bad people talk about I'm Robert Evans, part two of our Assode on Oswald. Moseley's don't listen to this and let you've listened to episode. One fucking maniacs might guess unless you're maniac in which case I enjoy watching all the episodes in resort verse. Order for no reason if you play them backwards. I will tell you to do drugs and worship the devil. But I did that I tell you that. While you're watching. Wizard of either way do do drugs and worship the devil. That's just come. Snoops? Did do drugs the devil. Cody. I guess today as with last time, Cody Johnston, Katie stole did not mix up your first names this time. Yes. Hi, sorry. No, it's okay. I mean, I it was awful. It was awful traumatic Campbell. I don't wanna relive it nine eleven of this podcast episode, but we've moved on. We've forget, but we're moving like we did from nine eleven to into an eighteen year long six trillion dollar warn this the second year, this this this episode is the second year of the eighteen year when we're all still kinda on board. We'll get it. Yeah. Yeah. I'm excited for the point where we all watched three hundred and take like a message about the war on terror away from it. But this conversation this is gotten off track. We've got the coffee mate back on the table one pump on cream cream cream. Obviously just I feel so guilty that it wasn't on the table before. Yeah. I mean, I felt it. But I didn't want to record the last episode. Let's do it. Let's record the last just pretend we mentioned one pump one cream an awful lot. We'll we're always thinking about it always thinking about it is that is true. I think about it a lot now because one pump is in fact one cream. Doesn't very good stamina pump is one cream puff his green. You know, who wouldn't have agreed with that? A little fascist. Oh, no. It was actually six foot two don't say named Oswal Moseley six foot to Oswald. Tommy Moseley didn't think that one pump was one cream. I don't think he did. I don't think he is on board with this guy. But now, I'm having some second thoughts, you're questioning his I mean Britain. I you know, you got to put you the first. Absolutely. And I was listening like it sounds like this guy is probably going to be on board with one pump one piloting except for that one time. But he's trying to impress his mom. I think she would have been more impressed. If one of his pumps at equal one cream. I think she wants to. More pumps before. British came true. Yeah. Yeah. Well, because you know, the the the women are supposed to lie down to think of England, right? Yeah. The phrase, so one pump is one cream. That's actually that's less thinking of England. I'm very confused now pump one cream one nation. Nice. Right. Nice one nation cream. I cream for God Rothe really starting up top pre gross. But one day we're gonna get invited onto come town. I don't know what that. I know there's a podcast called Cup. Terrible. It sounds like something Cody would great could really could be great. They could be talking about one pump one cream right now, they could be and if so. I support them. I was. Able it doesn't translate. Yeah. Today. Audio medium performance right here. It does make me feel more confident though. I'm sure everyone's loving this. What are you Sophie's gotten up from the table? She showing me a laptop cast of the combos full description. Okay. All right that adds up. I meant they make one hundred thousand dollars a month. Deserve it. Thousand one hundred thousand graves, I wonder how many pumps are in this Nestle coffee made there's only one way to find out. I think we figured a great idea for bonus content. We're canceling this episode. We're just gonna find out you can learn about Moseley lady. It's about three hundred three hundred sounds better. If you say. Ndo thirty days after opening I feel like it's been more than thirty days since we. No. But we don't know. We don't know what it was opened. Yeah. So back to Oswald Moseley Moseley Oswal telling you six. Anti semitism was obviously the cornerstone of German fascism, but it was not nearly as prominent in Italian or Spanish fascism. Those sorts of attitudes were still quite common in both countries. But it was more the result of centuries at bigotry rather than the highly evolved. Eliminationist antisemitism practiced by the Nazis Moseley in public at least declared that anti semitism was completely separate from fascism. He refused to let the BUF distribute anti semitic propaganda, which led to one of his further right opponents in the imperial fascist league to declare the British union, fascists the British junion a fascist hole dig s. You're right on there. But did you get this is union, but he made it, oh, even get that part? Kinda kinda react again. Yes. I feel like that's what it deserve. Yeah. We'll give it its due in nineteen thirty-three Moseley gave a statement to the Jewish chronicle in which he swore that quote, anti semitism forms. No part of the policy of this organization in antisemitic propaganda is forbidden, but while the propaganda was forbidden antisemites themselves. Very much allowed in the BU. F? One of the most notorious speakers was also one of England's most notorious racists, William Brooke Joyce was an Anglo Irish firebrand who got his political start working Currier for British army intelligence against the Irish Republican Army in the mid twenties. He became a conservative political activists during a nineteen twenty four meeting for a candidate. He supported Joyce claims. He was slashed across the cheek by Jewish communist with a razor blade leaving a prominent scar. That he'd have for the rest of his life in nineteen Ninety-two Joyce's biographer talked to his first wife who claimed quote, it wasn't a Jewish communist who disfigured him. He was knifed by an Irish woman.

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