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Good evening, it's 6 15. I'm Kim shepherd Rick vent size will be back with us tomorrow. We have Kathy O'Shea at the editor's desk and here's what's happening. Three more unknown flying objects shot down by the U.S. Military over the weekend. Brad milky spoke about it with ABC's Mary Alice parks. I think I speak for everyone when I say, what is going on? I'm sorry, we're worried about one balloon, and now we're just shooting these things down, left and right. What's happening? It is absolutely remarkable, Brad, just a pace and frequency here. It is very clear that the U.S. has completely escalated how their policing, the skies. I mean, you outlined it three times. The U.S. Military has shot down unidentified objects. In three days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. One off the coast of Alaska, kind of the northern tip, basically we're talking about icy Arctic waters. One where they worked with the Canadians, actually in Canadian airspace, shooting it down in the Yukon, and then we're hearing of this latest one, an object that was detected all the way from Montana going over Wisconsin fall up the upper Michigan Peninsula and taken down over the Great Lakes Lake Huron near the Michigan Canadian border. The intelligence community in the military knew about the Chinese balloon about three days before The White House did. And so there's a little bit of we're not going to get fooled again here. Clearly, they are looking at what is going on differently and like you said, they are acting a lot quicker. What are these things? I'm not used to talking about UFOs seriously, but it sounds like we're just being told like unidentified flying objects. What are we talking about? I mean, the real question is we don't know. The Pentagon, The White House, still not confirming it. And that is remarkable when you think about that one that was shot down in Alaska on Friday. They've now had time to get military assets there. I mean, they say that the conditions are really bad. They're talking about snow and sleet and dim conditions. I mean, Arctic conditions. It would not be prudent for me to speculate on the origins of the object at this time. But still, several days now, and they still can't confirm what this was that they shot down. Let alone the other two, no wreckage recovered over the weekend yet that we have updates on. We are at work now, recovering the degree to better understand, certainly the capabilities of the surveillance balloon from the TRC, but also the nature of these unidentified objects. The big question is, could they have been just completely benign? Could they have just been weather balloons up there? Well, because I was going to say either there's a fleet of these things being released recently or this is just stuff that's always up there. But if this stuff is always up there, Mary Alice, are we just not seeing it? Most of the time because that seems like a problem. Yeah, I mean, I do think that we're seeing a lot of frustration for members of Congress that maybe we weren't just looking at the sky as closely enough or paying close enough attention. There's clearly a political aspect to this that after that Chinese by balloon was just so brazen, what across the whole country was so big had all the technology. I think it clearly put The White House, The Pentagon on a high alert. But we're also told there's kind of a technological part of this, too

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