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And went seven innings he allowed to its and one run the raise take three out of four from the Astros at Tropicana field. That means my friends the Tampa Bay only needs to win one of the three games at minute maid park all between August twenty seven twenty eighth and twenty ninth in Tampa Bay. We'll take home the twenty nineteen juice Cup. Boston. Lost in Seattle. Ten to eight. The Red Sox dropped three out of four and that series to star. Rick poor solo lasted just two and two thirds gave up nine runs only four of them were earned bets and Martinez with homers for the Red Sox who again are one three. Minnesota beat Cleveland nine to three starting pitcher for the twins. Michael Pineda four innings. One hit no runs. One. Walk and five strikeouts. Were Pineda his first appearances two thousand seventeen congratulations to big Mike for making it back successfully. In a good outing for the twins is first time out White Sox beat the royals six to three and KC Texas over the cubs eleven to. Ten and the as beat the angels two to one. The angels have started out one in three National League board Washington beat the Mets six to five trae Turner at two home runs. The second. One was a walk off against Justin Wilson, Patrick Corbin. Went six innings allowed two runs. His first start for the nationals sunny gray made his reds debut. And it was not a good one. Pittsburgh blanked. Gerrad spy to nothing gray lasted two and two thirds allowed five hits and three runs. Two of them earned. He also walked four did not strike out a batter Marlins blanked Rockies three to nothing brewers beat the cardinals five to four Christian yelich should a two run walk off double. He also homered earlier in the game giving homerun giving him a home run in four straight games to start the year..

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