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For that cold for the fifth but i like the lobster fair cakes because we could be florida that georgia's new and if you a guess what if you need special pod crime i'll be available but in the meantime the andrew hans could be taken the ship the ships we your free up by hot iraq like take the woman would never do that even if he could he just laughed in it's sequence with jay that was noticed of lay offs guided smick ira interpreted the fire jackson what's my biggest surprise is it a it yeah i think chris paul lands in san antonio cassese p3 somewhere else so san antonio's is as good places any wise yeah i don't know of this surprise but i think he would actually moves i don't think he's norrback a discontent since because it because it i would really yes it would it would bringing back to the days the summer of two thousand fourteen bomb acts actually remember where i was where i got the news that lebrun with back to cleave with hit i was vowed extremes are pretty sad outage at all hours on end train had just gotten off in a story last stop on the end all in one of my close friends jacksonians like it's done the bomb with beckley in on the spares economists turn up for turnpike of at at different than any other time to get off the train exactly uh uh uh andrew the.

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