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Purchase legal late president trump and Senate leaders are facing growing pressure on the issue of gun control a senior administration official tells CBS news NRA chief executive Wayne lapierre called the president yesterday no details on what they discussed police in Los Angeles county have arrested a suspect in a day long stabbing in robbery spree through multiple communities with stops at an apartment building a subway and a seven eleven lieutenant Carl with knife works here in garden Grove for thirty years this is the first time I've ever seen something like this where we have a suspect killed four people in one day and attack other people that just are innocent Victor Lee say the thirty three year old suspect is a Hispanic man they say all of the victims were also Latino I knew you and report is warning of severe food shortages from climate change it recommends a shift to plant based diets correspondent Adriana de as getting reaction at a cattle ranch in Greenlee Texas ranchers say it's not a fiction to eat less meat as a way to fight climate change to give you some context one study says that going vegan for a year we'll reduce our carbon footprint by half as much as avoiding a single flight to Europe still today's report says that changing your diet can help fight global warming the many ranchers think that cal climate change connection is overblown Adriana from Greenlee Kansas you hope for a quick diagnosis for people with severe reactions to gluten live to CBS's bill Rakoff right now patients being tested for celiac disease have to consume gluten for several weeks before undergoing an endoscopic on a small intestine now researchers have discovered an immune marker that could lead to a simple blood test and a faster diagnosis at sterling news for Lisa Murphy a Chappaqua New York who has celiac disease along with two of her four children it would have been great an absolutely great one of alleviated a lot of stress and anxiety the research published in science advances stepper a new study from East Carolina University shows women who exercise well they're pregnant have babies who tend to perform better on motor skills test researchers found that children slightly ahead in their ability to grip jostle enrolled S. and P. futures are up ten this is CBS news dell small business technology advisors offer advice one on one partnerships in Taylor Texas Lucien's like computers with Intel core processors Colin adviser today at eight seven.

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