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International dark sky association i'm gonna do my part if you wanna go started using and cities too bright you just have to go somewhere else basically so when i was living here when i was growing up in in la in long beach um i was part of the la astronomical society and they would have dark scarcer are parties were we would drive like four hours into the mountains and it would be really dark matter so you don't have to get that far out lewis those city to to do good stargazing said getting the fuck out of dodge yes it yeah that's pretty much it there's there's a really great film called the city dark which is about um it's about light pollution and what it does to us i wanted us to strana me and i i recommend checking that out i felt that the lights on last night sacking our brain or you now an out this at questions comes from the facebook group thursday allergies podcasts facebook broke yesterday get next crack at questions isabelle lorean wants to know what do you think the shape of the universe's hyperbolic to royd what do you think did i say did i say to right okay you said turid okay okay um to royal is the adjective okay um but yeah it's as otaru twothirds of that that the tourists is a doughnutshaped oh that's all i taught us all she sang yeah so it tried cake would be a doughnut yes yes i want my whole life not knowing us somehow but also a taurus apparently technically would be like an inner tube hollow and a solid torres is a doughnut but i wanna say i was under desert show called unique suites for like a lot of seasons i have to say a cake doughnut seems like a solid torres but if it's a fluffy or yeast doughnut there's all kinds of air pockets in there and the volume in density seem somewhere between a taurus and a solid taurus and i need a physicists to get on this for me thank you okay oh it back to the ship the universe the universe lu lu the wishes us in the question.

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