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The Heisman Trophy winner? Devante Smith? What kind of pro? Do you think he's gonna make? Similar to Mack Jones in the sense that I think he's more dynamic. He's probably more NFL ready. He's a complete receiver. But with that lack of size and the stunt that he pulled the Senior Bowl. I don't think he's a good receiver for every single offense. I think if you're cold weather offense, you may shy away if you you know, you like to run the ball a lot. And you want your receivers to block downfield. A lot of the Baltimore Ravens, you may shy away from him. I think in Atlanta Falcons offense, the thousands who obviously don't need another issue, but that's sort of offense. Maybe even what the Miami Dolphins are trying to do. I think he'd be a very good fit. And the stunt that you're talking about. You're talking about him, refusing to be measured at the Senior Bowl. Not only just measured, but why did he even show up Because he didn't practice? You know, he took a roster spot and he went there and basically did nothing so not being measured was You know major blemish, but then he doesn't show up the practices, which I just thought was just really a bad public relations move. Yeah, we and we're for an Alabama player. I mean, like you think you know, coming on the next savings program. You'd be pretty buttoned down from that respect. Absolutely. Especially since you know his quarterback was there. You know, perform well. He had his left tackle there in Alex Leatherwood, who performed the offensive tackle. Brown was there and, you know, Granted, this was a different year in the sense that you didn't have. Hands. They're watching Senior bowl practices. But usually the Alabama players are the highlight of senior Well practices obviously is and reasons the event takes place in Alabama. But when he had all those other times even is running back a guy even the running back now Jay Harris, who measured in and then took a few reps here in there at practice. When he really didn't have to. It was just a bad move all around by the van to Smith. Hey, uh, Tony that we had several opt outs this year of guys that are viewed as his high draft picks. How did the How did the opt out? How did their decision to opt out or has it? Affected their draft stock either positively negatively or no effect at all. Well, I don't think it's going to affect anybody positively and only in the sense that these guys didn't get heart because they weren't on the field, but I think it depends on the player in the position. You can't broad brush it a guy like Penny Sewell of Oregon. I don't think it really affected him anyway. One shape or another. He's a terrific left tackle prospect. He's athletic. He was highly graded coming into the season, so I don't think a guy like that. Um, it's going to affect other guys will have to wait and see. My own personal point of view is guys like Michael Parsons of Penn State's celebs? Farley of the cornerback from Virginia Tech, I think is gonna have a negative effect on them. Parsons is a guy who's a great athlete. He's an explosive player, but his instincts or suspects Harley is a cornerback that showed flashed ability since his freshman season getting never put together one consistent year where we just basically dominated the opposition, and I think I've seen people talk about him as a top 15 pick. I don't agree with that on Lee because of the fact that he was very streaky at Virginia Tech, and I thought he really needed to play this season. Where the strength of this particular draft in the 1st and 2nd round Tony what? What positions of the positions of strength. Quarterback as we you spoke about earlier. I like the receiver class. I don't think it's his death at the lower end. But when you're talking about the first, you know 100 picks. I think it's very strong. I think it is a very strong offensive tackle class really strong, offensive tackle class. I think you know if you get caught. If you get past Kyle pitch is gonna be a very early selection. I think there is some good death at the at the tight end position and day two. Who are a few names that really helped themselves out at the senior Bowl of guys. Maybe you have any of you mentioned back Jones earlier. Who are some other guys that maybe were a little off the radar, but they've all of a sudden put themselves in the conversation to be in the mix, you know, moved up a day in the draft. Let's say Yeah, I think guys that were kind of off the radar outside the scouting community, Dwayne Eskridge. The smaller but explosive receiver out of western Michigan on Lee practice two days because he suffered a pectoral injury on day three but could not be stopped. I mean, he was separating from defenders every which way possible through his route, running with his speed down the field that was consistently 3 to 4 yards behind opponents. Any quote, everything thrown His direction. Obviously, the talk of the town has been Quinn miners, the small school guard from Wisconsin Whitewater who was absolutely dominant, I mean, basically had a alley market type of performance. Ali Market, the offensive lineman from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who's that was Super Bowl champion. Went to the senior ball about six years ago and destroyed everybody. That's what Quinn miners did pass rushing drills run blocking. I mean top level talent, which is burying them day after day. Think Richie Grant, the safety from Central Florida also elevated his play. You know, the senior ball is you sort of like the combine you go to the Senior Bowl with expectations. And if you beat those expectations, you come out of it with the higher draft grade than when you went in, and that's what Richard granted because people thought his ball skills were suspect, and he was intercepting past day after day in the middle of the field out on the flanks. Really showed himself to be a complete safety. Does the lack of a combine. Did that AMP up the importance of the Senior bowl for a lot of these guys? Absolutely no doubt about it. I mean, really, the senior Bowl except for the whole of all, which had some decent talent there, but overall was nothing compared to the Senior Bowl. When you really get down to it. The Senior Bowl was the on Lee major free draft event that's going to take place this year. The shrine game No combine We hope we get a bunch of pro days, although we don't know what that's going to look like, so absolutely. And I mean in some cases I mentioned Quinn miners. There were some guys who opted out of season You'd mention the opt out before it. Nico Collins and the receiver from Michigan and every Thomas, the cornerback from Michigan. It was the only chance that a lot of these guys are the first time that the guys have played football competitive football in more than a year, so absolutely was incredible importance on the Senior Bowl this year. Toni Pauline, NFL draft analyst. Pro football network dot.

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