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We'll get to your waiver wire column here in a second field coming up later in the show, but with Greg Olsen out, you know, there's a chance that you might need a tight end. And there's somebody who is not one hundred percent. It rostered a short kinder- excuse me Christian Kirk done for the year of the Zona cardinals talented second round wide receiver. We we've been sort of talking about how you can not comfortably start. Any Redskins player? Really aren't starting any bangles player other than Tyler Boyd or Joe mixing comfortably. The cardinals are kind of in that bucket as well. Obviously, David Johnson is one thing and fits to a degree as well. But Christian Kirk being done for the year. No way. I mean, no one else that you can Nelson now Chatanooga. Yeah. Chad Williams has been her Trent sherfield has been running ahead of JJ Nelson. So it'll be those three if Williams is healthy going forward Sherefield again, nothing. He's like a deep deep super deeply dynasty flyer. They seem to like him a lot. He was undrafted this year. He's getting some run out of Vanderbilt, but was a safety and quarterback deep name to watch nothing shorter. Nowhere to go but up for this era Zona offense, but the focal points being Josh Rosen and Christian Kirk and David Johnson going forward. Give me a bit of hope they need about five offense of Lyman that are capable of doing. Playing another three wide receivers. Second running back tight end and a couple of other things. But there's a chance we'll see what happens to Arizona this off season. We'll be interesting to see where they end up going as an organization last thing year sarcastic west officially resigned with the chiefs face. We know he has been there previously. As a matter of fact of the year that Spencer ware really broke out it we came alongside Chandra quest. They were signed to extensions on the same exact day later on from there. We noted this yesterday. There's a possibility they wanted to add some death in the back of I think would've probably underscores most is that if you thought there was a chance that Damian Williams might become more involved, it's possible. But Chuck request is also going to be involved traditionally throughout his career. Andy Reid has been one running back guy. And my expectation is that unless Spencer ware gets injured or just completely falls on his face Spencer, where it's going to be the guy and shark Kendrick west and Damien Williams are merely handcuffs. And look if if if you're in a season long league. You're in a redraft league. And you manage to get Spencer ware and you have hunt. Like, I have no problem. Obviously, you're dropping hunt and picking up west as a handcuff. But I don't know that it's whether it would be if something were to happen to where I don't know yet, whether it would be west or Damian Williams still a little bit unclear here, but it's worth noting just somebody to keep on your radar. I think there are some there better options out there on the waiver wire for you to pick up this week along the lines of backup running backs Malcolm Brown for the Rams has a shoulder issue. It looks like he's going to be placed on injured reserve based off of the reports we saw yesterday and his own Instagram story post of him look like post post-surgery in the hospital. So the Rams, you know, obviously, it's Todd girl. It's Todd Gurley show. But as we get towards week seventeen if they got something clinched. Let's keep your eyes on a second Rams running back. Sure. And you just and you never know what can happen, right? I mean like I mean. Obviously, very different situation. And I'm not accusing anyone of anything. But it just like, you know, whether it's you know, what we saw with with Kareem hunt while we saw with Melvin Gordon like, you know, it's the NFL we saw last night with not that you're counting on Colt McCoy, but it is a dangerous league and things can happen on anyone play. And so as you head into the playoffs like I would much rather use my roster spots for backups and guys that, you know, should something happen to one of my starters to solidify then to hang onto a fifth wide receiver that I know I'm never going to start you know, that kind of stuff, and.

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