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That is pretty cool. Because that's at least already one-two-three two three profess six movies. And they have more. Than just a and jared think is one of them I noticed he picks the your favorites in. Yeah this romcom blah blah blah look space jam space jam. We got matrix four fucking doom. Have you ever seen the original doom noticing. No because i know you need to know you haven't seen the original No the homie. Blake is actually big dune fan. So i'm curious to pick his brain about it. Yeah yeah. I i think Have if you never friends as well who are big fans of the book series of the movies i mean. Apparently they were really good. I just i don't know anything. I'm doing illiterate. I tried to go I did actually look at the bookstore. Because you know Homeys if if you're so lucky as i am to be surrounded by friends who have not only much more smarts than you but also great tastes. It's awesome it's super super awesome. Luckily that is exactly the situation. I found myself in time and time again The homie blade is one of those. That's like he suggests something to me. And i have to highly consider it because everything he's ever suggested prior has been spot on. This is enjoyable as hail you know he. He said the doom books something. He was really into and sadly apple to the bookstore. I tried to find some books. I found some doom books. And then i found a lot more doom books initiative and maybe i misinterpreted like which ones were the actual proper dune series. I don't know but it just seemed like. Oh that's a lot right. Yeah but i mean Apparently the the fans of the original say our guest with the movie at lisa. It was really good in. I don't know the the book lovers love it and doing has really star. Studded cast the remake. the days in it day batista's ended jason momoa in it. I mean they got a lot more people in it. Like this is a huge star studded cast. Yeah they all had all the books. That's a lot of preparation. I'd be like telling chris. Evans i need you to read written by ed brubaker. And mark wade or telling. The game of thrones cast. We need all of you to read. All of the game of thrones books. None of them could. Because all the books are made yet.

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