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That the MTA has done it's going to require the MTA the state the city N. Y. P. D. will work together it's not that easy to stop train service Cuomo says the dollar vans and buses will be available as alternatives he also says if necessary they'll bring in some for hire vehicles like uber and we have late word from the NCAA the customers will be limited to two trips per night on for hire vehicles they have to show proof of essential travel with appropriate credentials for that if you're going to get you in Newburgh now customers you do not have a smart phone we'll be able to ride through a dedicated phone number that late word coming from the NTA just the last couple of minutes as for the coronavirus curva New York Cuomo says that hospitalizations into basins in new infections are down there were three hundred six deaths in the last twenty four hours more than eighteen thousand new Yorkers have been killed by the virus one thirty to at W. C. B. S. M. governor Murphy made a face to face plea to president trump today for more coronavirus relief money the president noncommittal CBS news White House correspondent Steven Portnoy how do we do on ventilators in the democratic governor of New Jersey told the president the federal government delivered this is life or death stuff and we got the and we're forever thankful for that Phil Murphy briefly mentions the reason for his visit and ask for federal funding with the question I appreciate your consideration on the financial side going forward as well Mr trump has indicated he sympathetic to Republican objections to blue state bailouts he suggested he'd attach policy strings to funding for sales tax starts states and local governments Steven Portnoy a CBS news Washington more than one in six American workers more than one in six of lost their job in the last six weeks CBS news business analyst Jill Slazenger on these latest numbers were here an additional three point eight million Americans filed for unemployment claims that brings our six week total to over thirty million Americans it's unbelievable that's by far the worst string of layoffs on record the condom is a forecast of the unemployment rate for April could go as high as twenty percent that would be the highest rate since it reached twenty five percent during the Great Depression consumer spending plummeted to a record seven and a half percent last month as we all stayed home to convert to pardon said the spending plunge was accompanied by a sharp two percent drop in personal incomes in March both attributed to the impact of the corona virus shut down the report said that the country experience big declines as consumers canceled restricted or redirected their spending W. CBS news time one thirty four the U. S. intelligence community is weighing in on the cause of the global pandemic CBS news correspondent Pam Coulter is he's leaving to reinforce scientists view that the coronavirus arose naturally and bats U. S. intelligence agencies have concluded covert nineteen was not man made or genetically modified a statement from the director of national intelligence says they're still investigating whether the origin of the pandemic stems from contact with infected animals or an accident in a Chinese lap something president trump and other administration officials have suggested the virus has killed more than two hundred twenty eight thousand people around the world corona virus outbreak has prompted another major meat plant to shut down we have this story from CBS news correspondent Jim crystal ice in foods has suspended operations at a church be processing plant a Dakota city Nebraska after a surge of coronavirus cases in the area the plant is the largest employer for neighboring Sioux city Iowa Nebraska governor Pete rickets we are working with the food processors to be able to do more testing we are working to keep our meat processors open Tyson refuses to say how many workers at the B. flat have tested positive for coronavirus Jim chrysalis CBS news California beaches are about to be closed down after throngs of beach goers flocked to the beaches last weekend raising social distancing concerns governor Gavin Newsom plans to shut down all state beaches and parks beginning tomorrow the head of the California police chiefs association said a bulletin to members yesterday saying the governor plans to announce the order sometime today Australia is saying that the area around Canberra's free of coronavirus cases reporter Scott maim and with the update here known as the Australian Capital Territory hits the first Australian jurisdiction to eliminate all known cases of covert nineteen ICT is essentially a covert forget the ACT's chief nursing officer Allison McMillan that's what we want to maintain we want to see the complete flattening of the curve just over a hundred local scene camber were infected three people died Scott moment for CBS news Brisbane Australia it's one thirty six at W. 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