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And we are back. This is still privacy nuts the PODCAST, but by tax tech and the NPR Kademi. So we're talking about the data protection compliance process what does involve the things that are supposed to be put in place so Binga the Simpson be misconception or let me describe the confusion about data protection audience and data protection impact assessments, the different things apparently. To be no some like I said a misconception about it. So can you just kind of tell us what the difference is? So we norm? Okay did sue yes you're very coronate since to be misconception most times foot fence think use it interchangeably going really are two different on. A separate audit for instance now is physically DC we already experienced is as it did compromise organization. So DP did opportunity in audit DPC's investigation or examination of the records, the processes on procedure of a data controller all deter administrator just two short, very verified on the data controller complies with the requirements and that's for a petition on. This was a series of processes procedures lighted Elliott. Whereas a DP I e or data protection impact assessment it's quite different, and this is basically a risk assessment in which dawn to that Sami in the possible implications of a certain has now person Nazi to, for example. Now, maybe there are some activities you want to go into the some kind of data you want to begin the process, what things you intend to do with that data. DPI Physically, checks rookie find this process that the. What are the risks from this kind of Vita for example now, let's say you decide to run a particular Salva actually carries some very very confidential sensitive veto data subjects you have to DP to the timing is I am currently processing what if something happens if there's a breach or risks involved also sheet with this process data so deeply is required to be conducted to identify every possible area where breaches me or call, and the means by with the risk of those breaches may be medicated. So he basically you repairing physically for the eventually just in the event actually do all call. So that's the difference DPI on data, Protection Or. So according to the MVP are expected to carry out the data protection. Its Way Deep Normandy trees mandated for operas not to beat the only some restricted won't. So he's not every person to be actually requires that the requested data protection impact assessment. Or out unique that data is that you need to Thomas. DPI or just restricted to deter protection audits. Yes. So basically, in terms of differential between both or I think you so much for that remember that just touched the sophist here. That could also see we have a training coming up on Friday September eighteenth that is for the foundation class and what we're talking about some of these things are slow us the practitioner class coming up in September twenty, fifth and twenty. Six. in-depth into all of this respond about here basically on September twenty fifth and twenty six as a practitioner class. So just visit www dot andy pr academy dot N. G.. Ready stuff this classes and also you can send us an email at Info at NPR, Academy Dot Angie, and we'll be happy to respond to any questions you have regarding a data protection compliance trainings. Thank you very much arena and also remember Africa Data Protection Conclave just about a month a win I'm sure you've been hearing news about all about the police already this sticks on October Fifteenth and sixteen. So the Africa repetition and concrete is expected to bring in data proficient proposition as as all that's from all across Africa. It's not just of Nigeria, Anthony, it's 'cause across the entire Africa. We all have international correspondents also international contributors and speaks Kami in the course of. This program, I mean event itself also buffy two, thousand sixteen just visit our website on www dot Africa DP conclave, Africa, DP CONCLAVE DOT com you get more information on that they know how you could register to be a part of this conference. This is probably the biggest thing on data protection as far as the African continent is concerned you don't WanNa miss this. You want to be a part of this definitely go star website www dot Africa DP conclave dot com. and find more details toxic INDIE PR coup sponsors along with a couple of other brands sponsoring the Africa partition conflict would look forward to. Register part of this offensive. Okay. So just the last point remember that to have sim less effective and efficient city detect protection audit process visit up that is I doubt DOT NPR dot energy. All right. Thank you. Thank you very much. It's been a good one. To see you in the next episode of the spot cast and also don't forget defy go. So RDBMS, kiss you it any data breach data breaches of any kind you pass. Now this has not or breach one way or the other you visit www dot, our DB dots N. G. so file ripon those bridges on Wisconsin is appropriate authorities. I hope you can take your time to the. Looks like a lot of information overload the frame up in court you could come back listen lavar against the podcast. Definitely of all the time to catch old information you must have missed out on previously while you're listening, you convince any of our website can visit toxic that. To catch every the information you want to catch from you also don't forget follow on social media as well On. N. G. on all social media platforms that's linked in twitter and Instagram, and for any pure academy that's NPR Chemi underscored smallest of Lyndon,.

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