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The SMP was up thirty eight Friday. The NASDAQ added one sixty eight. Invest in your future at Hofstra university's Frank Jesus. Arbs school of business with a variety of graduate business programs from accounting to strategic healthcare management. Bizarre school has the right master's degree for you. And if you're a working professional their top top-ranked online MBA four part time MBA or hybrid executive MBA programs are offered at a pace that fits your schedule. Learn more at WCBS radio small business breakfast Thursday, October twenty fifth or register for an upcoming info session at Hofstra dot EDU slash Zarb radio. Having god. Kids donate your car today with one eight seven seven Kars for Kids we're a recognized five oh, one C three charity organization. So you'll receive a maximum tax deduction. What's more you'll receive a vacation voucher of three days and two nights? Also on the web at Kars for Kids dot com. Nate salmon saving cars. Dang. Remember? That's Kars with a K. Did you hear the news metro PCS is now metro by T mobile? Now, you get new plans with unlimited high-speed data all month long, all on the T mobile network. Check out the new metro by t mobile today and discover the smarter way to get unlimited metro by t mobile that's genius during congestion, the fraction of customers using greater than thirty bucks per month. May notice reduce speeds and metro customers may notice reduce speeds vs on T mobile customers. Video streams at forty p coverage not available in some areas. See store for details and terms and conditions. There's a reason we invented things like same day delivery and PB and J in the same jar. We'd love convenience, which is what makes Kaiser Permanente so special we offer healthcare coverage together. So rather than having your doctor over here and your insurer. There we provide quality healthcare and coverage under one roof. Bring you up for other important tasks a quick sandwich. Kaiser Permanente together we thrive. Visit KP dot org slash integrated from and hopefully Atlantic estates Inc. Wonder what he's Jefferson street?.

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