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Your nest egg dot com securities offered through W. E. G. member center in S. I. P. C. this is ninety six point five W. DPO our policy positions are one that brings the communities of color into a position of stronger understanding and confidence in the institutions of the authority and we believe that it brings our law enforcement community to a place where they have the resources necessary to de escalate so many situations and frankly through James Lankford so work on this package we bring him the opportunity to hire more officers and they have more training and have a better perspective on history yeah I and and make the officers better their job pay more for the job that is senator Tim Scott giving the details of the Republican plan going forward require more disclosure about the use of force require reporting on that note on the no knock warrants provide incentives for chill cold bands grants for the purchase of body cameras because many of these police precincts is so small and different times a day I you know I gotta pay my people like can't afford this keys cameras so when they comply to get the federal money they'll get the help while we talk a little bit of history too Jack is a send up U. S. K. Y. in Gainesville Florida Jack Hey man you know what to keep tearing down the statues everything what what else is going to take down to go to take down the constitution with what's next man like we need more statues winning war history what I like you know they killed American soldiers everything we should have a statute can compare right that's what we should do right we talking about we like the return of the the soul of the I'm sorry the the Confederate states right they killed Americans also what's that we have so Jack so Jack do you do you want what status do you want you want no history don't know history books do you think right now the appointment they need to step up from a hundred pounds that you could also killed American the farmer says really you should definitely keep him in the K. in our history books but you don't get a statue without Jefferson we're not the same country without Washington we're not a country that's different than a killer if you go and take out the British or if you do things that are spread their clothes there are two to that day there to be noted but it doesn't mean the to a voice is less of a great man it doesn't mean that Jefferson Monroe and Madison or less great because Lincoln was supportive of colonization as me was great because we can try it wasn't great because we can try to cut a deal with the sap that they could keep their slaves and they just would not succeed doesn't mean he was not great it means he should be studied and in the entirety he should be lauded forty five presidents they should not move here agree with Jackson Jackson was an influential figure beyond his years eight years in office he was part of that and one van Buren Buchanan Sam Houston it goes on and on and on I get the sarcasm you can say whatever you want but if you think that because people are historic figures told mancity store figure as his statutes Charles in Saint Louis Saint Charles is your organization about it just I just said is that right great give bush in the last year in Texas picking up on this is very much and everybody is on the Alamo because I mean what does that have to do with anything that you know these people are riding all over I'm a semi truck driver I come from a take your understanding my both my parents in law enforcement all of my family have been military include myself in marine and you know trump is done great things for Citrix record has gotten involved because that's going to get more time to drive the German that you had on just a minute ago that that they did not want to give trump credit for DL buildings be impaired it is clever it was I understand that I mean if it well cavern of glory right now because they're doing everything they can to block block is loudly because they're saying that it's going to.

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