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As are all of the other Potomac River bridges you can find a list of all the closures at WTOP dot com I'm sure Comey WTOP traffic get ready for some wet weather overnight showers pick up tomorrow a soggy day temperatures in the upper forties cloudy skies half an inch to an inch of rain possible the rain finally tapers off Monday into Tuesday and we are going to see dry conditions partly sunny on Tuesday with highs on Tuesday in the upper fifties near sixty degrees some storm team four meteorologist Samarth eat or wear up to fifty two degrees in Arlington but it's forty nine in Manassas and forty seven out in Purcellville forty eight degrees here outside the glass enclosed nerve center at four thirty Baltimore to the Shenandoah W. T. Washington's top news on air and online WTOP dot com good afternoon I'm Max Smith Alicia Abelson is at the editor's desk coming up the White House corona virus update now expected around five o'clock a senator has the corona virus and Senate negotiations are at a key point on Capitol Hill I'm Mitchell Miller governor Ralph Northam tells Virginians to be patient coronavirus fight I'm Valerie bonk there are now several options for small businesses across our region in need of assistance I'm Alyssa how it's four thirty one we have to expect some type of these major changes to our lives to last for months a weekly trip to the grocery store is okay if you keep your distance wash your hands and avoid all non essential trips the districts just announced a sixty five year old woman died last night she is the second person to die in the district who tested positive for covert nineteen in falls church a second person at the senior living community the Kensington has tested positive that person is being treated.

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