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Eight for a 1000 Lee Mathews County, okay dot com. Talked about William bars testimony earlier today. He didn't exactly spank members of the House Judiciary Committee. But he did, I think, give very reasonable and sound. Responses to their questions. They didn't ask him. Ah thing about Russia Gate. They didn't ask him a thing about collusion, and when they did try to ask him questions. They interrupted him because they knew everything he said was going to go into record and they didn't want His answers. So all those months and months and months and months of we need William Barr Weenie, William Bar We need William Bar. And then now that this is all the sham that we know what it is. Wait. We don't need more. After all that That seemed to be the attitude. So talked a little about that. Had a listener talk about how he doesn't even trust. He trusts a sibling, telling him the electric fence is off Mohr than he trusts the media and boy did that hit home with me. My sister used to do that to me all the offensive non. He So that had a lot of people calling in about their electric fence experience. Laurie is one of them. We've got a hot fence for the hay burners. She means the horses by the way. I have a metal rod. Almost the entire length of my back. Bottom line. I was petting the horse touched the wire. It zapped me and the horse. The horse still keeps its distance to this day. Yeah, it's funny how they do that. It's like they have the memories of an elephant. A for 1000 Leigh Matthews, Katie okay dot com If you want to join in the conversation also talked about the new speed limits that are going to be on the turnpikes and rural highways 80 miles an hour. It was signed by the governor and then approved by the Turnpike Authority earlier today, and that's fine. I mean, most people drive 80 miles an hour on the turnpike's anyway, right? Except usually, I'm the old papel. And everybody's backing up behind me because I'm not doing 90 But don't strive down the interstate at 80 miles an hour tomorrow because this is going to go into effect as they can put up the new signs. Which may take a couple of months for them to do so. It's not permission to speed no sory news Radio 1000 Katie Okay. For a 1000 Leigh Matthews, Katie okay dot com high you are on the air. Yeah, I just want to point at £800 gorilla in the room. All right? If Your sister did that to you often? Yes. Don't you think it would be a smart is the horse and not do it? More than once? Well, you know, I think I was inviting trouble. When I would say Has it on it was it was Lucy and the football all over again? Yeah, There's only one for me When my brother my cousin didn't want I'm not alone. I'm not alone. Maybe we can form a support group. NewsRadio 1000 Katie. Okay, Hi. Here on the air. I had an experience with the electric fans. This has been years and years ago, but we had a poodle. Ho could jump. The regular height of ah, of a cyclone yard and hey, was always jumping it. When he was in the backyard and when he would get out hey, would chase the postman. So we had problems with that? So we put an electric fan. You know, just above That cyclone. Thinking that would stop it. Well, and it was, you know, you know, I don't know how many inches you know above it, but the first time he jumped it. He really got a staying out of it anytime, yelp big time, but that didn't stop this everything. They just learned to jump higher on ever trying to stop you from jumping faces. Meantime, it probably major yard pretty secure because nobody's going to get over it. Yeah, nobody except that. Yeah, That's my story, And I'm Chicken Tio. Thanks a lot for the call on NewsRadio. 1000 Katie. Okay, this half hour brought to you by Hyland Company, a trained comfort specialist. It's hard to top of Hill. Clay, writes Lee Yesterday you were talking about doing your own homework. In 2012 This man had a closed door meeting with Joe Biden to patent a vaccine known as the CVI, 19. The CVI 19 Which would be it could be used at the time to trace Select citizens. It was injected into What did they know? What were they planning to do? And Clay has enclosed a picture of black and white picture of a.

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