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Complete a shutdown as in the spring, all retail, Ken stay open, not just essential businesses, salons, day care and access centers remain open. Outdoor dining is still permitted the with some new limits, Mayor Kenny says he knows this will be hard on businesses and workers in the city is trying to get them all the help it can. But he believes that recover more quickly with full cooperation. People don't follow it. It doesn't work. We're gonna be in a situation longer than we need to be. The measures are in effect till the end of the year. Pat Lobe K Y. W News radio has another round of covert restrictions is set to begin here in the city residents are bracing themselves for what's to come came out. He was just in you. Toes spoke with some people who are once again preparing to make a pivot in their way of life. There was a punch in the gut for George Gilbert as he walked out of the gym Monday afternoon to news that starting Friday. Once again, the city is shutting down All Jim's a move he says, took a major toll on him. When restrictions were first implemented, Man I was alone. The man is became my best friend. Shut it down like they took everything from me. Gilbert says he understands the reasons for the restrictions, and he's okay with them. But, he adds, he now has to prepare himself to work outside in the fall and winter instead of the spring and summer is just gonna Burton just gotta dress warm. It can't work is hard. My glass her was making a grocery store run when he got wind of the news. The restrictions would run until the end of the year. And he's hoping stores are better prepared than they were during the early days of the pandemic. I believe once people start buying in bulk. Thinking that they're not gonna be able to get it later. There's gonna be a problem. Glass curse, says he's not panic buying because he wants his neighbors to get the necessities they need, and he hopes things do not become scarce, like they did earlier in the year..

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