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Rifle. What is this a real threat? Whenever somebody is amassing weapons and wants to, you know, do damage. I mean, it's always potentially dangerous. This comes just days after we learned about a man in Maryland. Arrested for leaving a hand written note, threatening to beat and kill Biden and running mate Kamala Harris and weeks after the arrest of seven militia members in Michigan for allegedly plotting to kidnap and potentially killed Michigan's governor. That's what happens when there's fear, anxiety and the political discussion. Is about scoring political points. With the election looming, federal authorities say they have seen a change in what is fueling domestic threats this year. The the lethal attacks, domestic terrorism, lethal attacks we have have, I think all fit in the category of Anti government anti authority Peters have only charged trace been with child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty. His attorney says that he has Asperger's syndrome, citing all the evidence in this case. A judge ordered that he remained behind bars. Jeff for gays reporting tonight. Well, did you hear about the new restaurant in Georgia? It has outside dining. All the ingredients are local, and there's never an empty table. Here's CBS news correspondent Steve Hartman on the road for Atlanta based food writer Angela Hansberger. This pandemic has been hard to swallow. Can't write about restaurants when they're closed. I was facing a lot of anxiety. I kind of hit it. Crush him crying. I was really sad for all the people. In the industry that I worked with. Angelus says she had to get her mind off it tarragon, so using ingredients from her garden and her encyclopedic knowledge of fine dining, Angela Open her own restaurant on her front porch, where she now serves. Chipmunk. This chipmunk. The little guys at a standing lunch reservation for months Now, whether it's veggie pizza and a side salad or imitation sushi with walnut want tons every day, Angela goes to remarkable lengths for her exclusive clientele. Took a while to try and make little tortillas that I could fold to put the to put the I love the way that you're seeking. I love how you're realizing out crazy. It sounds as you're saying it. Today. It's many spaghetti with tiny date meatballs and a thimble full of breadsticks, The chipmunk who she named Thelonius Monk typically arrives within seconds of serving. Eats his fill and packs the rest to go in his cheeky doggy bag, and the reviews have been good. The reviews have been great. One day He came up with this little tiny bundle wadded up leaves and put it on the table. So I take it to mean he brought a tip. Still, you get the sense that he remains skeptical. Like there's got to be a catch. Angela's cat wishes there was a catch, but there will be none of that. Because for Angela, this little bit of silliness has become her daily sustenance. What has it done for you? It's brought joy. I have more videos of this chipmunk than I have of my Children. We all need to find a way to cope during this pandemic. Which is why I'm giving Shay Angela my highest rodent restaurant rating. Three stripes. Steve Bartman, CBS News On the road. You get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks so much I'm going to have to speed things up..

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