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Pitchy this rollercoaster. It never got built a masseuse coming up pretty good. What was this guy from. Go back just curious. I mean and i wanted to hear his name against side sounded french junior onerous or bonus. I don't see in the article where he's from. The talian kind of name comes out. I did it for. Lithuanians are as a co founder of the lithuanian space agency director of the soviet amusement park. So it might be in the russia i. I've been accused of having a lot of free time especially lately from certain people. I think this guy had more time on his hands and he needed. I'm not quite sure how this sounded off. He was there under the soviet area during russia. He was just trying to figure out why he's the get out. That's one way to get out. He's like it's this gulag your choice. Yeah i like the euthanasia coaster kind of sound familiar. But i eat all like I don't know if i ever read up on it but surprise was it's interesting. It's an interesting conflict. What's up movie tron. No and i was gonna say you got your thirtieth birthday. You got the ride the coaster. I'll now you're thinking of Something run logan's right. Yeah logging say euthanasia coaster. Sounds like a song. You know or some sort of band and be youth asian coaster but that might be considered politically incorrect. Not if they were k pop. And it's just nobody's with k pop my goodness what a weird thing that is this this coming from a generation where king crimson was a thing. Hey or i know. Let's let's lease when member men women were women and boys weren't trying to beat girls or God that's on the bed now. Never mind. I didn't say that late. We that in jenin. Here i'm lazy here. Old guy tech in the mad trio podcast. These do physical walls. All does does not necessarily reflect the views of the hosts of majuro. podcasts Sorry from the one the senate and jen what you don't know is he's been on an extreme amount of laudanum late just had a really interesting day..

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