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We need name aw man in the snow is grossly donnas trees outside dawn knocking bye bye bye waiting for fan of dog russia big band youth with again the bath god them isn't that horrible i here dortha he's leaving walking out on this point old fashioned barely christmas we're all of this together this is a fullblown war alarm holiday emergency here we're going to press on and we're going to have that have happiest christmas since being broadly debt dance with danny fucked engaged gene did you know that are seen no but i thought it was believed in the studio down now i want to tip on as well as by the way it's so much more effective though when it is this where word isn't it somebody loaded that in our system yeah chice dikes he's out to get us mojo in the morning show so who to tap and who not to ten or some interesting winds there uh we were talking about the grocery store you know tippin at the grocery store somebody said that you should tip that deli counter person to the deli counter person that catcher another lunch mccain person well if you're going there and nowadays you she tip them they say that's what does this obviously has deli counter burst nece said man of abida now uh tyler is a garbage man that wants to talk about tipping garbage men we did say tyler the garbage men should be tapped.

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