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Down here is Blanco. Giantsthree Tigers three, Blanco has grounded out to second Struck out into a double play. In the 70. Think he's single too, right? Three runs. Seven hits for the Giants. Three runs five hits for the Tigers, Coke on top, the lefthander Thrones swinging his covenant fastball belt high. In that vicinity, and he's throwing strikes with him and Nobody has been able to put him in play yet those air, no respect fastballs to there. Not a lot of locations on these pitches. They're right down the middle. The plate. Just country hardball. Adjust here, Hit it. I mean, it's great when you could do it, but you could also have one of those bikes. Lanco slight of build, but We have seen him. Some very long home runs this year. One strike delivery Very high taken for a ball. One ball one strike. That pitch that he threw a hunter pits. That was a macho fastball. You could get a little frisky. Think of it. You know you're invincible. When you throw a ball like that, and a big power hitter takes it like Pence did It can also affect your location to other hitters is 11 pitch on the way Blanco swings and found to the backstop strike to have a good pitch to hit there. Build a play at the belt. Grant had 95 behind it so that I could actually come up their bacon. But still those dangerous pitches, especially when you have carried the right side of this field. Blocos, a left handed hitter, Theophilus straightaway fielder, the first baseman, and Cabrera, the third basemen, both shaded. They're not right on the foul line, but shaded well over toward their respective foul lines. Cokes 12 pitch. And the breaking ball struck him out looking So the next inning after F l struck out the side. Philco does the same. Two on called third strikes. Three up three down now to the last of the night. Jerks, Peralta and in Fanta you up. It's.

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