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And I was crying laughing on the couch was a little taken aback live broadcast. It was great. Yeah. I remember that. I said it. Thanks for the kind words, Mike, I said Matt Martin takes a pocket I'm going to marry your daughter, boomer. Right. I don't think you said that probably not. Yeah. No. We get a few of those last night. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. A little disappointed that he didn't really get himself into a fractious last night. Yeah. I was looking for that. I thought he did. I put them in a fracas that he wasn't actually. And you say I say frac, I think it's a fracas. I say it's the practice. All right Jonathan Milford. Connecticut, Jonathan what are you got? Hey, guys. Hey bloom. I figured appreciate this. So in Bridgeport, Connecticut, there's like an ice facility called the wonderland of ice hockey rink curling club that I belong to. I know it. Yep. Yeah. In a couple of years ago Nessie came by for some hockey thing going on, but we have a bar in the curling club. So he came by with the guys he was with and I was just like the nicest person you could ever need. And like we all knew who he was. And we're just trying to set them up and not bother them too much. But he was like amazing. And I just love that a guy like that is one of the biggest hockey superstars that ever existed can be totally cool and just chill and hang out with everybody. They're all like that. I mean, how was mardi Obrador? Yeah. I mean, they're all like that Jonathan. That's why I love the sport so much. Yeah. It he was so humble. It was amazing. I if I didn't know it was Martin Brodeur would have never known the accomplishments of the had in his career the way he was handling himself. He was more excited to meet you than you him. I think about that. It was close. It was close. He just turned around. And he said excuse me. Get some beer in here. Please tell me where it is. It was great. Mentality. Because of what it takes. I think USA hockey is on such an unbelievable job of building a culture within the community of of American hockey players. And that's why we're starting to see so many more Americans really rise to the level of the NHL in the world class players they become and they're all trying to get him to go to college. You know, the Canadian kids they like to go to the juniors the American kids, they're trying to push him into college. Go play at Boston College, Minnesota, Wisconsin places like that Yale and Harvard go get your education because it's not gonna last forever and what they have done. I wish basketball with do for their kids that play basketball what the hockey community does for their kids that play hockey is. I think the us a mess. Yeah. I think it's awful. I think it's fraught with corruption and stealing and all that kind of crap snakes. That's that's how I feel about it. Maybe I'm wrong about some of it. But I think generally the perception is is that it's like it's awful starts Rendez sluts. All story. I can't stand it. That's why I wish and I know there's USA basketball. I don't know if they could follow the model of hockey or not. But for some reason, you don't have that kind of like perception of corruption in hockey that you do in basketball aren't CBS sports minute time. It is brought to you by your Tri state Ford dealers..

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