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He's been identified as Joseph Taylor and Police chief Mike Harmon says about 50 rounds were fired between Taylor and the three officers who responded to that 911 call officer Jackie Kayla's, She has been with the department for four years. Officer Chris Hester is a 10 year veteran and officer Nick Anderson has been on officer with US for eight years, Three are recovering. Taylor, meantime, faces three charges of aggravated assault on a public servant and three charges of aggravated kidnapping for allegedly holding his family hostage during that near 18 hour standoff. Austin. I don't get to say on how the city reshapes the Austin Police Department Greater rusting Crime Commission's Carrie Roberts says the group is reassured in the past force process because average residents can help direct the conversation over the next six months. He ads you know, in the same time areas that we'll have five counsel, please. They're after reelection, so we look to major budget adjustments. We'll also It's a possibility that there could be no other members of the council doesn't see major changes on council, he notes. The task force will help decide what duties HPD keeps in what efficiencies could be brought into public safety. John Cooley News radio K LBJ Picking up changes to COUNSEL The numerous controversial decisions in recent years have led to a huge field challengers. This year. Two people filed on secret breaks Our district for there are three candidates trying to oust Jimmy Flanagan in District six. At the fields most crowded in district. 10 or six people are trying to replace Alison Altar in total there. 20 Council candidates looking for a seat this November. I see you beds and ventilators and Travis County or slowly but steadily freeing up is the number of total Corona virus patients in the hospital also falls today 236 people are hospitalized, 83 of whom are in the I. C U, But for many weeks, the number of patients was well above 100 of the 24,409 cases confirmed over the past five months. 23,144 are someone who've made a recovery. And six. So for now, let's get a look at Austin's on time traffic, don Prior looking the big roads at their mo pack. 3 60 to 91 83 35 in all directions. If you're heading out your morning commute, no Rex, no stalls, no problems. Don Prior with Austin's on time.

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