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Fast because so loaded. Yeah I think you know when we just look plain at stats from twenty nine. Derek Carr has never had a season where he's thrown anywhere close to under three thousand yards. So it's always been over so I think that's the like you said indicative of what happens there with how many games are played. But let's look at the other ones as well. I ask one question real quick. What happens if there's not a full season? And is that kind of envelope into this whole this like if you bet the under on this you know You know what I'm saying like. And they play a full sixty or are they don't if they don't play the full sixteen says that's not your in that you know actually a fantastic question vinnie. And I'm glad that you ask because I think there's a lot of people. Maybe raiders fans that that art you know familiar with Las Vegas and sports betting and that sort of thing so we talk about these things I I think it's good to the answer some of those questions. And and yeah. It's if you've when you if you're GONNA go sportsbook you'll see a sheet that has all these exotic. Don't have the rules on it. It says on there if they don't Play Sixteen Games you get refunded no matter. What down if that were even if they were to play like thirteen games and he was at thirty two hundred. He's already over. You'd still get the refund because just You know these are all based on a full sixteen game season. Cut The games. You get your money back now. Is there a drop? Vat of how many games the NFL actually plays no not right now. And that's a that's the kind of thing doesn't usually do more offshore market type of thing so so I'm sure somebody has it out there. I'm sure people have their accounts but Las Vegas and that's another thing that's very fascinating but this like a lot of people say like you can bet on this in Las Vegas and it's not true like there's very strict rules about what you can't better on in Las Vegas but yeah that is. That's not up anywhere right now and so. Let's get into some of the other ones because I think these two are interesting. with rugs and waller's numbers. Here that have been posted on these props like waller right. Now has a line of seven hundred and ninety nine and a half total yards on the season at sixty nine point five receptions and then rugs is at six hundred ninety nine point receiving yards and five touchdowns I believe the touchdown caesars. Total Swell forty nine and a half so this is kind of also. I think predicated along last season. We're waller with the lead receiver and have the most receptions But with the introduction of rugs you would think maybe that rugs would be higher in the number than waller though he never had one thousand yard season over at Alabama back. You know we don't know on. The other side was very judy. Who is the author of yardage so rugs is always kind of hovered around in his last two seasons at Alabama at seven? Hundred Yard Mark. So what do you think about these two here atom? And how they size up. What's telling he's numbers as we head into the season? This is tough. I mean these. These numbers are are very sharp. And you know it's tough to find Much of an edge to me. I look at this and I feel like like I said I usually leave to unders. I feel rugs season yard. Total is an underplay to me. I think three raiders receivers that number in the rookie season in her career. But it wasn't over by very much it was in the seven hundred a range so I man that's a tough one because I think I think that they have weapons now to spread the ball around. I don't think there's going to be a lot of focus on one guy. I do think while there might be deleting receiver again. Just because he's so good in there such a relationship there but I I would go under I think on rugs reception yards. But I might want to go over on the touchdowns because I think they're gonNA use them in a couple of different ways and I think they're going to find ways to make over six ninety nine and a half or the under off yards and over five touchdowns and you kinda agree there without him on this. That waller is GonNa be yet again. The leading receiver on the raiders. No matter how much that upset strong Gruden two points I would will over on. Wahler for reasons one. He's related to a lot of equally species speed speed and I antique. We're going to have to honor is speed. And then what does I do? Opens up for a lot of other things as she. You know one of the better titans late iron definitely shade in the over on on Waller White. 'cause I think we're more will be more opportunities emphasis more people to defend. I would interesting. What I I would go under rags on the art. I I might the one on hour touchdowns maybe because now you out Jason Witten. You have other options Adams Writer Museum yes. We answered the speed under on all the rugs. Numbers are but I go into not a really good more auction it really that so I wanna go to you any here on the next one. Which is Josh Jacobs and I wanted to ask you your input because I feel like this is very tight on the numbers but I think you know at the take into consideration the Last season didn't come in to the final few games there. But he's still posted. Eleven hundred fifty rushing yards. And that's pretty much exactly where the numbers are sitting at eleven under forty nine point five rushing yards for the season. It's them and a half a touchdown. Do you think Josh Jacobs Quinn again achieved those numbers being by when it's a sophomore effort him will kinda have zoned in on how powerful running back he is and what he's capable of. Do you think these numbers are that right where they're gonNA happen. Is this one kind of a push? Embedding terms it looks to me. Like they're thinking is going to miss a game or two because he plays sixteen games. He's definitely over. That the raiders are gonNA pound the heck out of a football again this year. That's just what Jon Gruden likes to do. And especially with all these other weapons I. These really wants to establish the run in a play off of that so in sixteen games of the over that. So that's that's how I I have a question. Where's Hunter Renfro all this? Why is he not mind missing him? Is there something I'm missing here? He's on they'll probably. They'll probably add some more. This is their first their first wave of props that they were able to put out in. They usually you know. Look at your quarterback in you know they went quarterback running back and then went rugs waller with a lot of props on them Thought I saw tyrod Williams prop somewhere thirty four. They actually put. They actually put an Agra. Would've rather senior RENFRO or being put in thirty seven and a half formed the catches anti swear to me that that's they. It's almost like they think that you know Allergies potentially GonNa Take Williams's job or play more than Williams is gonNA play As India that that that's interesting To be the played to different. You know historically anyway they put like do you ever positions but I can see them turning to Aguilar if Williams just isn't purchasing again Last year there were some extenuating circumstances. But I wonder what kind of leash you know. Williams is going to be on with Aga- large there. But I by by that yet. I'd like to see what what the where hunter red froze is going to be. Think he's GonNa even exceed his number that he the really create a a role in heaven intent of putting the ball in his hand. He showed them enough last year to know that he's not just some possession receiver. He's a guy that if you put the ball in his hands Find ways to get him the ball Know he's GonNa make things happen and I. I don't think you could discount the the obvious relationships that and Renfro hat. Yeah you know people you know there's so much about the NFL at about production and just you know what numbers guys put up that is based on relationships and comfortability and I think that they already had that and especially in this season where. It's very weird. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to work with guys a whole lot on the actual field in practices so some of those previous relationships are going to be huge. I think that will help as well. This season they were just together Somewhere Bali hills or something Bali Hai Valley high. Yes there there there on that course was. Peterman was it was hunter was Derek and there was somebody else that was not familiar with so's to onto a blues against Iran's In been to some players today that guys are getting together as an offense. There's anywhere from twelve to twenty guys. They're on a on a given day. They're finding some local parks here in here in Las Vegas. It's been stressed to me that they're doing it with all obedient being obedient for all the rules and regulations that Nevada have out there. But they're getting together I'm Kinda presuming that Hundred found way out there with with Derek. Said do not I do know Derek hard as a part of those Those informal Workouts so that chemistry is probably as we speak are continuing developed As we great staff there. Let's go ahead take a quick break when we come back and talk about some the latest reader's news. Some of the things that we expect to hear from the Stadium Authority meeting today. And you'll also hear from Alec. Ingle raiders fullback so stay tuned right here on the Vegas nation. Podcast this episode of Vegas Nation. We'll be right back. They say a healthy gut means a healthy. You FAVOR APPLE CIDER. 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