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6 O two dot org 7 38 Traffic and weather on the 8s we have Jack Taylor on the traffic center Starchy off again in Maryland and prince George's county on the beltway outer loop slowing as you approach two O two running through the 50 interchange all the way up past the BW Parkway after kenilworth avenue You've got the right lane block three to the left will get you by There was an overturn tractor trailer accident from the overnight hours and the cleanup remains along the right side 95 south will slow after the ICC getting onto the inner loop pure rubber necking all your interlude planes are open but your rubber necking all the activity on the outer loop North BW Parkway slowing inside the beltway headed toward four ten as you approach the beltway interchange get off of the BW Parkway All traffic will divert off beyond the beltway at greenbelt road north of as you approach powder mill road there's a serious crash with the northbound lanes blocked with the ongoing investigation The southbound lanes have reopened the medevac helicopters left the scene southbound slowdowns almost back to one 98 You also again have slow traffic off both sides of the beltway trying to exit north onto the VW park We avoid that if at all possible it may just want to stick with route one possibly 95 north as alternates you can get onto the BW Parkway from powder mill you will be beyond all the investigation Now you will find in Virginia We've had activity 66 going east out in your 29 headed toward 28 crash cleared all your travel lanes are now open The rest of the trip eastbound really not too bad We got a little bit heavy as you wrote after not toward the beltway but lanes are reported open Crash north on one 23 was near the fairfax county Parkway there please follow police direction Heavier downtown but should find lanes open across the freeway D.C. two 95 and I two 95 should find lanes open We'd had reports of some fire department activity was reported on ridge road down in southeast between C and D streets Jack Taylor WTO P traffic And let's check our forecast here with Mike stina We will enjoy a good deal of sunshine today It's going to be breezy and mild look for a high in the low to mid 60s and increase the cloud cover tonight as a cold front comes our way We'll stay brazy blows.

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