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Jim wechsel dot com It's not an Amazon yet, but thank you for this opportunity. Thank you so much absolutely have a great one and enjoy the Sunday night and to Monday night games as well as the Tuesday night game, That'll do it for us on week 13 football on CBS Sports Radio. People everywhere. Want answers. Critics are calling Stephen Cool Bear the hottest late night host Boom bombshell. A riveting watch What gripping television? Wow! A beacon of hope in humanity. I'm so excited that I'm not getting any of the sleep I normally don't get and they can't get enough of him right now. I'm more sour dough than man at this point is that way, I always want to poke your belly to hear you giggle. Late show with Stephen Colbert weeknights on CBS. She sleeps hot even when the weather outside is frightful, Jack Frost here likes it. Cool. Introducing the new sleep number 3 60. Smart bet now, temperature balancing so you can sleep better together, But will it keep me asleep? Yes, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjust. Keep you both effortlessly comfortable. Well, I have more energy for holiday shopping. Does Rudolph have a red nose save up to $1000 on the new sleep number? 3 60 Smart bed and adjustable base plus special financing ends Monday. DeLorme or go to sleep. Number Kalm Special financing subject. Credit approval. Minimum of the payments quietly Store for details. So question. How far would you go for a friend? A ride to the airport? Half your sandwich. Donate a body part. I need a kidney transplant. I have two kidneys, right? Yeah. Why don't I need.

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