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Earlier in the wake glenn. Satan was fastest Jason bog wanna was fastest on the friday. No one was talking about. Larry cook and and russell ingle. But lo and bohol old is other draw. This that were in. The spotlight fell by the wayside. And which are the tar which was the only top car lift truly front. Running in ninety ninety seven was larry perkins just quietly going about his business of winning the rice. I think that says so much about perkins in data does to guy or so. We hadn't spoken about jim richards and i think that is a new zealander new. You're going to highlight that again. I'll take you back to the taught all of the book the immortals australian motoracing the local heroes so this is not about ustralian. Drive is this is about two guys who starred on the local scene regardless of what possible they hilt and you're not said anything about l. moffitt having canadian possible from candidate. That's right so it's it's about the drivers who started on the local sane and jim richards most certainly did that and of course everyone talks about jim. Richards being the ultimate driver in the in the ryan and that's one hundred percent true but Know he's just natural gift. I think there was anyone more naturally. Gifted suddenly not in my least of ten jim richards. Yes it'll be interesting in about ten years time with jim. Richards is the best new zealand. Australia and draw whether it might be shamed van bergen. Yeah that's it was wrought in this book in about five years time and it'd be pretty hot tecate van bergen out of it looking from the outside looking in but yeah. I think we're on the verge of sing. Multiple bathurst wins and multiple championships. Is he gonna have the enduring. Fine shine is bergen. He's quite a shot chap he probably doesn't lend himself to. The immoral saw things outside the car working in his favors. He has a very distinctive name and he's slightly becoming. I think he's on the verge of being a household name they die suck More friends who aren't into rising. Sign this guy. That's winning all the races at the moment Then ginsburg and so he is coming to the attention off just general sporting fans not just motoracing ause the last name on the list that we haven't talked about as yet colin bond. Well he he would have got a few of the known tearing cab people happy with your list. A rally driver. Who did a lot of different things including around australia. Trials and the line the driver to one baptist destroy interring championship and the strain rally championships. So ease missed averts tall and of interview call in a number of times and he's just a fascinating character real gentleman and he admits the could have changed so much more if If you know. I was as ruthless as some of my competitors that he cares because he just had a while of taunt society long long career shaved so much The sign cool things. And he's quite comfortable with what he's achieved in the sport and why and he shaves so really interesting character and four ford fans in particular. He his ability to understand the situation he was in ele- moffitt in filing cav ran outbreaks. Twenty minutes before the end of the the rice and hey made the decision that he would pull up the side him on the last lap and we had that one to finish the it wasn't lying nowadays way they can radio in was the people in the pits constantly providing information this was in a time where illinois has said. I was using. Sp to tell him to do this. That's right side to be student off to make that decision and it's poss- potties. Lost legacies The gentlemanly manner in which he conducted himself But still achieve saimaa signnow a big fan of cullen bonds and then went on to be a driver standards observers. They call them now and has been official throughout militarizing. Really giving back to the sport that he loves so much. That's right president of the strain racing driver's club for a long time promoted and organized the baptist. One thousand So yeah it's a falls into that category. I think to being immortal in native achieved and made a contribution to the sport in on and off the circuit and Sebei the cheerful chocolate is certainly did that. Well look it's been a pleasure catching up with you here on inside because where we've got to speak to you about the immortals of stray and motorized heroes and it's gonna to promote. I think a lot of chat amongst fans of motor sport. Who will now get to pick your list of ten to pieces. That's always part of the fun. Yeah very much. So and i'm sure that a lotta dads will enjoy receiving the book on father's day and let the debate begin cry available in hardcover. And i know that it's got some fantastic pitchers right throughout highlighting the careers of the immortals very much so we tapped into the image bank eight one images the pictorial department of dates. Sluice Ernie's team has supplied some magic shots including some that had never been published the full So yet Ten chapters plus the honorable mentions and fully illustrated. So thank you so much for having me on the short now worries into it is only just a month after your previous book. That you edited supercars the holden and ford era. Which has been going gangbusters. I the last month since it. Hit the shells. Yeah very much. So it's sort of the way things have happened Supercars book in twenty nine teen What fictional but at least and edited The rest set season by season review of the full. This hold an era from noni ninety three to twenty twenty we were. It was originally going to be published loss when we learn that the last official years the halton was gonna be in twenty twenty We delayed its publication by one year. So i know we've got holds on the tracks still but we don't have fish or representation of the holden motor company in the.

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